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    N wireless router

    I currently have a 802.11g router and a macbook pro with a g card and I have an iPhone as well. I have connection issues in some parts of my house. I realize that if I buy an N router that it will be reduced to g speeds, but I was wondering if I would still get the benefit of the extended coverage. I don't want to purchase more g speed equipment like the airport express or a repeater because then I will have to purchase more equipment when and if I upgrade to the N standard. It would be great if the N router would provide me with the coverage I want now, and then the speed boost I may want later. Does that make sense? If my train of thought is poor, please suggest some alternate ideas. Also, side question, what does the iPhone connect as ... b, g, or (I doubt) N? Thank you in advance if you take the time to help me out.