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    Show off your Desktop

    Bebe33, Your desktop is quite a standard one. Don't you like making it beautiful by adding icons, colours etc? Make your life colourful!
  2. Buddy, You solved my problem! Din't needed to log out. Thanks a bunch
  3. Hello, something weird has happened to my mac. I see some kind of black borders coming around everything. Such as icons, safari addressbar and even my entire desktop. It seems like a sort of selector or something. How do I get rid of this annoying thing? Here is a a cropped image of the triangle border box.
  4. qouiou

    Show off your Desktop

    Hello, Here are two pictures of my desktops. [Picture 1] [Picture 2] These are two pictures taken with a slight change in DOCK icons. Please do comment on my desktop! It would make my day!