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  1. Today, March 16, 2018...Apple's store website lists "The all-new Airport Time Capsule". Was there an update to this item? It looks like the same old item as before. This is the first time I have gone onto Apple's website in some time to check out the Time Capsule.
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    Network Printing

    It seems that after 2 recent updates, one for my base station and one for Leopard, I am no longer able to find my printer (HP Color LaserJet 3800dn) using Appletalk. I can find it and print using my desktop G5 Mac which is connected to a router which is connected to the printer but if my wife tries to access the printer thru the Airport Base Station (connected to the same router) the printer is not found (If I connect her directly by ethernet to the router and turn on Appletalk for the ethernet system, then I can find and print OK but when I change her system back to Airport and activate Appletalk for Airport-no printer is found). I called Apple and they tell me that they only support Airport printing for USB. My setup was working fine until one of the above noted updates. Do you know if Apple changed something or might I have missed a box to check somewhere? Apple's solution for me was to print using USB (which is not very readily done the way my system is set up or to use Bonjour. The Bonjour is not practical because it seems that it only works thru my desktop computer sharing and therefore does not work when the desktop is asleep or turned off.