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  1. araknd

    iPhone battery vs. IOS6.0.1

    Hmm, nobody here has experienced this battery drain? Well, following a thread on the Apple Support forums showed at least 4-5 others that this was happening to, but a majority of the reports involved Exchange, which I am not using. At any rate, the one solution that seemed to work was a complete Reset of the iPhone. This I did in conjunction with moving the default connection of the iPhone to my MacBook Pro from my Win7 desktop machine. That computer had just experienced its second SSD failure and was not going to be in service until I got my replacement drive from OCZ. At any rate, that seemed to work, however, the battery still appears to be draining faster than with IOS 6.0, but not as fast as before. I think that there is still a bug in the IOS 6.0.1 that causes this to happen.
  2. araknd

    iPhone battery vs. IOS6.0.1

    Anyone else notice an increase in battery drain after updating to IOS 6.0.1? After upgrading to IOS6 on my iPhone 4, I noticed a decided increase in battery time, until I updated to 6.0.1. Now the battery drains much faster. I have checked all the push and pull settings, but there's nothing new or changed other than the update.
  3. araknd

    SSD in MacMini

    Thanks, Johnfoster. I have used SSDs in my Windows 7 machines (with data stored on a 2TB HD). Works great, so I thought that it would be a reasonable upgrade for my sister-in-law. It will be replacing a 5 year old AMD based Windows machine. OWC has performance upgrade kits of RAM and SSDs for Mini and iMacs. It will be less than buying a new Windows machine.
  4. araknd

    SSD in MacMini

    Hello all, My mother-in-law recently passed away and I'm looking for a use for the Mac Mini that my wife and I bought for her about 3 years ago. While it is an Intel based Core2 Duo machine, it is a little slow compared to what is currently on the market. At any rate, my sister-in-law is in need of an upgrade from her much older Windows/AMD64 based computer. I got to thinking last night that upgrading the RAM and installing an SSD in the Mac Mini might actually be a viable upgrade. She only uses her computer for email, web surfing and a little word processing. Has anyone here done such an upgrade and is it even worthwhile? TIA. Lance
  5. araknd

    decoupling iPhone accounts

    when I tried to connect the iphone to the new computer it said it could not sync since it was authorized to another computer and that if I wanted to connect it gave a message saying something about losing all the files on the phone
  6. araknd

    decoupling iPhone accounts

    Thanks, John. So she should just sync her iPhone to the MacBook's iTunes and it will download the data on her phone to the Mac and Contacts/iCal will be properly populated? Or is there housecleaning to be done after the synch is complete?
  7. araknd

    decoupling iPhone accounts

    I have a friend who shares an iMac (Snow Leopard) with her husband. They share a single user account but have two iPhones(3GS) that currently share one iTunes (10.2.1) account with multiple calendars and contact lists. She wants to connect her iPhone to a new macbook pro. Is there a way to separate the data in such a way that it can be easily transported to the new MacBook Pro and synched to the iPhone? TIA
  8. araknd

    iPhone 4 Newby

    Thanks, all. It indeed worked just as indicated. Mine was a breeze, but getting SMTP to work on my wife's phone was more of a challenge. She tried setting it up herself, but gave it to me to fix when her first two outbound emails wouldn't go. I reconfigured the main SMTP server to be SMTP.GMAIL.COM and it finally sent. It's all good. Thanks again for the help. MacCast Forums ROCK!
  9. araknd

    iPhone 4 Newby

    So, I gave in to my wife's harassment and ordered us each an iPhone 4 from Verizon Wireless. They arrived today at the house while I'm here at work. I have been using my iPod Touch (3rd gen) extensively and have several apps and a song library on it. Will I be able to just synch all of that from my desktop computer to the iPhone with no problem? Any conflict having the apps in two places (iPod AND iPhone)? TIA. Lance
  10. araknd

    iMovie Slideshow Effect Wanted

    Thanks Dolphbucs and Johnfoster for the suggestion. The plan is to show the slideshow from a laptop on a digital projector. I will probably use my old G4 Powerbook, so after I show the slideshow with the music they have selected, I will have it go into the screensaver for a while.
  11. araknd

    iMovie Slideshow Effect Wanted

    Hey John, Yes, I have customized each slide with the Ken Burns effect. I'm just looking for a different style of presenting the slide deck.
  12. Hello fellow MacGeeks. I am using the "new" iMovie from iLife '08 to make a slideshow of stills for a memorial service. I pretty much have it all together, but I would like to find a way to have the slideshow appear like the screensaver that spins the photos in and keeps the photo on the screen, sort of in a pile while the new photo shows up. Anybody know how to do this or what add-on package has this? FYI: I am using a dual G5 PowerMac, 5GB RAM, 1TBHD, 10.5.8 for this work. TIA.
  13. araknd

    "UNIX Executable" Files

    Hello all, I have a friend and fellow Mac user who has a small problem. He was a faculty member at a local community college and used a Mac extensively there, but has now left there. Before leaving he had their IT staff download his files to CD. Now when he tries to look at some of the files on his OSX machine he sees a lot of "UNIX Executable" files and some native Word files or Excel files. Most of those files were probably generated in OS9 and that's why they show up that way, but his question is really how does he easily convert upwards of 3000 files to a readable format? Is there a utility tool that will do batches of files? Any assistance is welcome. Lance in San Marcos, CA
  14. araknd

    Play Counts in iTunes

    Interesting. I'll check that. Typically, I don't run the podcast all the way to the end, but I will next time. Thanks for the tip. Lance
  15. I recently set up the Smart Playlist -- Recently Added to only track new podcasts so that I can listen to the new podcasts continuously. One of the parameters of the Smart Playlist I set to be Playcount = <1. Then I noticed that it was not really working because the play counts of the podcasts were not being updated even though I had played them on both the iPod and on the computer through iTunes. any ideas? I've looked through the Apple iTunes support forum, but now luck there. Anybody else experiencing this behavior? TIA. Lance