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    O2 now allow iPhones to be unlocked on request

    A few days ago, I got the text message telling me the unlock was in place. So I restored my iphone and after registering it, I was shown a "your iPhone is now unlocked" message. Sure enough, my Vodafone sim card now works in my O2 iphone!!!
  2. I don't know if this has been discussed here already, but O2 in the UK now have a page up that allows any O2 iPhone user (with in certain rules) to unlock their iPhone for use with other carriers and do so for FREE. The rules are laid out on the site, but essentially, Monthly subscribers can unlock at any time, but are still bound to their service plan. Pay as you go subscribers need to wait a full year after purchase date. It is not all roses, as it takes 14 days to be processed. I just requested my 3G to be unlocked (contract runs till around June next year), so will report back when it is authorised to let you know what happens. I have a Vodafone pay as you go Sim card laying around to test the phone works too :-) Link is: http://shop.o2.co.uk...ckmyiphone.html
  3. Matt Emson

    Names for the "spinning gear"

    I have no idea what the correct name for the spinning wheel is, but I know why it exists! It comes directly from NextSTEP and OpenSTEP. It was the only "wait" cursor used in those OS, and I guess it got included in the OS X subsystem from that codebase..?!