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  1. jonathan

    iDisk problem

    Since the new MobileMe was launched I'm having problems uploading files to my iDisk. I was trying to upload a large project (280 MB), but the upload would stop after just a few minutes and the prog bar would just "sit there". That's it. I would give it like 15 or 20 minutes to wake up and keep uploading, but it wouldn't continue. I quit the process and started over a few times and never made any progress. I even broke the project in to small increments and it did the same thing with a smaller file. Any ideas? Is this one of the many new bugs of MobileMe?
  2. jonathan

    Gmail and Mobile me comparison

    I feel the same way. The new MobileMe web apps and features are fantastic, but (as of right now) they're painfully slow. The contacts aren't available in mail and the feature that was supposed to help you share large files from your iDisk (through email with a direct link) isn't even available yet. This was probably the rockiest new launch I've seen from Apple. It's kind of a disappointment.