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  1. OK, I want to give back to the cruise ship that is charging me a buck a Minute for wyfy on my iPad. What I want to do is log into my buck a minute account, and have my wife check her email using a ‘shared wyfy’ to her iPad. If I had cellular on my phone, it would be the same as having a wyfy hotspot I guess. I havin’t been able to figure out a way to do it using two iPads and a single wyfy account. I figure networking both iPads using Bluetooth and somehow sending the wyfy connection to her iPad. I am willing to bet someone has done this. It likely doesn’t matter, but I am using a brand new iPad Pro, and she is using my old IPad Air 2. Again, I just want to slave a wyfy connection from my pro to the Air, and pay only for the one connection. When I turn off the wyfy connection on the pro, the Air will loose its connection of course. I would even be willing to connect via a cable if it would work. Any ideas?
  2. Actually, it is a $1.95 per min, and I do pay that, but that is for each individual log on. How much data do you use reading an email? None. Thus, I have no problem logging in and having my wife check her email at the same time as I do mine.That is the request for help I am asking. If they charged for the amount of data I used, no problem. They don't. Lets face it, they are doing their best to squeeze every penny that they can our of the people on the boat. Does anybody know of a router I can use that can log into a wyfi system, and connect my laptops to???? I estimate if I spent $200 on one, it would pay for itself on a single cruise.
  3. That is a great idea, except that I have 12 employees that depend on me to keep 3 business running and making sure everyone is getting along. Some of these employees don't speak the same language either. The other option, of course, is to close the 3 business' and retire. Sadly, I feel that would not be good for my employees or their families that depend on me to keep the stores open and running. Anyway, I would like a solution. PS. I work 7 days a week. Getting on a cruise ship is the only vacation I ever get, else I always go to work...... and I do enjoy the cruise.
  4. LOL the cruise is almost over. Any ideas before I am off the boat? Today is Thursday, and last full day is tomorrow to try what ever ideas you guys may come up with. Russ
  5. Has anybody looked at the privacy information that Smile Software collects on you when you go to their site? https://smilesoftware.com/privacy-details Holy macro, they collect all kinds of stuff. Here is a copy and past of the stuff they keepl Advertising Facebook Google Adwords LinkedIn Microsoft Bing Cookies, Purchase Funnel, Usage Data Analytics Google Analytics Cookies and Usage Data App Activation (not applicable to subscription TextExpander) DevMate Email, name, license code, product details Automation Zapier Transitory data for process automation (e.g., contact form details from WuFoo to create support case in Desk) Payment Processing eSellerate FastSpring Paddle PKI-compliant transaction data subject to service’s privacy policy Contacting Customers Desk from Salesforce Email, name, support exchanges Mailchimp Email, name, list membership, product interest Survey Monkey Email, name, survey responses WuFoo Support form content, webinar signups (WuFoo is a subsidiary of Survey Monkey) Database MongoDB TextExpander application database: snippets, groups, organizations, etc. Rackspace Purchase database: email, name, contact info, license code, transaction details Sales Close.io Email, name, contact info, position, company, email exchanges with Smile’s sales staff, augmented with Business Intelligence where possible Clearbit Business Intelligence – queried to augment sales data Social Media Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Hootsuite Twitter Handle, follower count, relevant public messages, direct messages Me again. They seem to go through all your cookies, I guess, and collect all this information. Does Smile Software really need all this information if I go their web site? I suggest, when you go to the site, go in a private window if their site allows it. I have a lot of their software, but now I think I need to start looking elsewhere.
  6. I have a MacBook Pro 2010 vintage, running Mountain Lion, all updates performed, that has a strange problem with the camera. It seems the new iTunes 11 allows us to hold a redemption card in front of the camera, and it takes a picture, or something, and reads the redemption code so you don't have to type it in. On my computer, it does't work. After some playing with, I noticed that the image was backwards. If someone else can try it out, for me when I hold a card with writing on it, the text is like looking in a mirror. Left is on the right side, and right is on the left side. I launched FaceTime, and it was backwards. I launched FUNBOOTH and it does the same problem. Skype image is also backwards. My guess is a problem with the setup of the system operating system, or a preference problem. Anybody have an idea hot to get my images correct? I couldn't find anything to change it. MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2010 Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB Software OS X 10.8.2 (12C60)
  7. Topic was suppose to be DROPIR A NEW SCAM ON THE RISE, sorry for the power spell checker on my computer, and the maccast will not allow me to edit the title. Well, advertised as a free way to store your date, I purchased a pair of Dropir units. I just got this email form the Dropir people: Droplr began as an idea between two geeks who wanted an easy way to share files with each other. So we set aside some weekends and evenings and built an app that could do just that. Over the last few years what began as a simple free Mac App, has grown into a great company dedicated to creating the best possible way to share files. As a Droplr user you’ve been a part of that journey. We can't thank you enough. Next week we will release some exciting new features to Droplr that we’ve been working on for a long time and that many of you have been asking us for. At that time, we will be discontinuing our free accounts. All current free accounts and new sign ups will be placed on a 30-day trial. At the end of 30 days, you’ll be asked to pay for a Droplr subscription if you'd like to continue using it. If you don’t want to pay, you won’t be able to upload any more files, but none of your existing data will be deleted, and all of your links will continue to work. As a special thank you for being a Droplr user we are also going to offer you a 30% lifetime discount on any of our paid plans. We’ll have 2 plans to choose from, Droplr Lite and Droplr Pro. Additionally, we’ll be announcing a new referral program where you can earn Droplr Pro for free. For those of you using this at work with your teams, we’ll also be announcing new business-level plans. We'll be sharing more about all this in a following email in a few days. We’re incredibly excited about our future. We’re extremely grateful to you for being a part of Droplr’s success. We hope that you’ll join us as we continue to build the future of file sharing. Sincerely, Josh & Levi, Droplr Co-Founders So in esence, it appears i now have to pay for my service to use a device that was advertised as free if I purchased their product. At least that is what I am reading. Anybody out there read the same thing? This is borderline scam, if I now have to pay for what was free. I am now stuck with hardware that can't be used for anything else. The worst of the whole thing, is I purchased these devices on the advertising as heard on MacCast. Not that MacCast has anything to do with the information they receive, but I think Adam should at least offer some air time to slam these people for offering one thing, and then pulling the hardware out from under us users, and now forcing us to pay. If I read the notice that we have to pay for the service wrong, someone please tell me what I missed. Russ
  8. bigruss

    Upgrading video card in my early 2008 Mac Pro

    WOW! incredible response! Actually, I am sort of surprised by my results. First of all, I use the computer to game with. But what I am surprised by, is my 2010 Power book meets the specks to play a game, Desux EX I think, but the work station will not. The work station has been fully loaded, so replacement is not a great option. Not out of the question, but not a great option. It is an 8 core 3mhz computer. The card I was thinking of was $275 on Amazon, but not a great buy if it doesn't work, or I loose the boot up screen. It is my lowly opinion that I can sink up to $300 in this machine, and run it for another 5 years. I love the dual screens, which allow me to use Windows on one and Mac on the other, and drag things from one system to the other. Everything I do on the computer works fine with the current VID card. However, the 1 year old game doesn't, and I imagine that more will follow. My only exit from work is my FPS games. At any rate, if someone know of a current card that will work and be under the $300 limit I have on the replacement card, please let me know. John, thanks for the very informative and information packed response. I never expected anything like that. Russ
  9. For the first time, I am trying to run a game, Deus Ex on my early 2008 Mac Pro and the video card is not supported. I currently have a EVGA 512-P3-N801-AR GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video CardI was thinking of going to a new card anyway, so what are my choices? I was thinking of doing a PNY GeForce GTX 660 Ti Graphics Cards VCGGTX660TXPBbut this card is PCI-Express 3.0 x16. The GeForce is a PCI Express 2.0 x16. What does the 3 vs 2 mean, and is this a good card for my computer? OK, perhaps a better question, what is the best card to install now in my MAC. I can spend up to $300 on a card. I need a pair of DVI-D connectors on the output to connect to my pair of Apple Cinema displays. Russ
  10. bigruss

    Upgrading video card in my early 2008 Mac Pro

    I want to make SURE this video card will work for my MAC. I have done Google searches on the card and only come up with sites selling or reviewing the board. I suppose the only question should have been "OK, perhaps a better question, what is the best card to install now in my MAC" which is what I placed at the end of the post. Asking a question to people that are in the know is a whole lot easier than buying a board, taking the computer apart, installing it, fighting with it for 6 hours, and then returning the board. Been there, done that. In closing, the best question to ask is what is the best Video card with dual DVI-D outputs for for my early 2008 Mac Pro? Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my posts. Russ
  11. I connected my iPhone 5 to my computer, did a BACKUP, and then clicked on the UPDATE button to go to IOS 7.02. I am on 6.1.4 now. The computer give me an error message that says, "There are purchased items on the iPhone “Grampaw's iphone” that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?" Sadly, I have no idea how to fix this problem, if it really is a problem. I can't see any place where I am supposed to transfer purchased items to the computer so I must be missing the place to do it. How do I fix this problem PRIOR to updating to IOS 7? Russ
  12. I must be doing something wrong. I purchased an audio CD. Sorry, my car has a cd, and no blue tooth. Anyway, I want to use a copy for in the car. I plug in the CD to the computer, and it says it contains 801MB. It is not a DVD. Trying every thing I can, there is no way to get the information on to a single normal CD, like the original. I copied into iTunes, tried to burn the CD, and got the message I need to burn to two CDs. Using the finder, and right clicking to burn it, it asks me where to burn it to, and I pick my blank CD. (8 core Mac Pro, dual CD drives, 32 GB, 4 3TB drives, dual Apple monitors, FREAKING AWSOME!!!!) Anyway, it asks me how I want to record, AUDIO, and then gives the error message I need to remove some data before I can copy, from one CD to the other. My guess is the Beach Boys CD is some kind of hybrid CD that has extra room. Do I need to use a copy program like carbon copy cloner? Is there another program that can work? Thanks in advance, and Adam, if you read this, FREAKING AWSOME PODCASTS!!! Russ
  13. I was hoping for a simple answer to syncing my book marks between my three Mac's, using dropbox. Is there anybody out there that can give me some step by step instructions to accomplish this? Using Snow Leopard, and not likely to ever move to lion with its missing SAVE-AS command. Thanks. Russ
  14. bigruss

    Sync my Safari Bookmarks using DropBox

    I would almost agree with you on this one. I am sure DropBox didn't intend for clowns like me to sync system files. However, the laptop does work this way. What I think I will do is resurrect another older MAC I have and see if i can sync that systems bookmarks with dropbox. I hope, that the problem is my other MAC, and not the procedure. On a really different subject, I heard the new version of Lion is supposed to have SAVE AS back. Lets hope so. I can't even comprehend why that was removed. Russ
  15. bigruss

    Sync my Safari Bookmarks using DropBox

    OK, it actually worked on my laptop. I moved the files to Dropbox as instructed and created the symbolic link. Laptop done. Went to my desktop, and performed the same task. I got the error message that the link can't be found. Strange since the laptop can see it, and works. I can go into drop box and see the link, on the desk top. I can duplicate the file in drop box, move the copy to my desktop's library folder, and the desktop sees all the book marks. But when I delete the file in the library folder, and create the symbolic link, the same error shows up. Double clicking the symbolic link says file not found. It then asks if I want to fix the link. I say yes, and I click on the file in drop box, and I get the spinning beach ball of death when I try to fix the link. I guess I have something wrong on the desktop. thanks for the help anyway. Russ
  16. I need help with my setup. I have a LWPro 630 connected to an iMac using Leopard with print sharing turned on. I have several other computers and devices that I like to print from using Snow Leopard. Using my Airport wireless connection, I can send my print commands to the iMac, and the printer prints. It works just fine, as long as the iMac is told to never sleep. If I go into the power control panel and tell the computer to sleep, when I send printer commands to the LWPro, nothing happens. The computer doesn't see any airport commands unless it is awake. Do I have to keep the computer running 24/7, or is there a way to make the computer ‘wake on print command’? I have not been able to figure out any work arounds, other than not letting the computer sleep. The iMac and one of my other computers are close to each other, but other than wireless, they are not connected.
  17. bigruss

    How to wake a sleeping computer with Airport???

    Thanks for your help. As the document you referred to stated, that method only works for a Mac connected via Ethernet. I tired connecting by Ethernet and lost internet connection. Any other suggestions would be nice. Again, this is a stand alone iMac connected to a local network by airport.
  18. I paid for and downloaded from the iTunes store a couple of movies. Playing them on my desktop is no problem due to a 25 watt audio amp connected to the audio out. I brought my MacBook on a bus ride, and playing the movies and using the speakers on the MacBook the volume was so low, it was as if it was not on. The indicator in the tool bar said the sound level was at max. Opening up the sound control panel the input was all the way to the right. The input level lights showed the first 2-4 indicators moving while the movie was playing. There are 15 light indicators total. Playing other music the sound is loud enough to make others on the bus look mean at me. Just the movies were very low in volume. I copied a DVD at home and it had the same results. Anybody have any ideas? Russ
  19. bigruss

    Suggestions for full-time Adam

    More reviews would be great, but the MacCast community needs to support Adam by helping provide them. One guy can't go through every program and become an expert on all of them, we have to do it. A little less on the iPhone would be nice. It seems that 70% of every podcast is about the phone.
  20. Toast 9 can read every type of audio format I have, that is no problem. My files happen to be MP4b files which are made by the program Book Builder. (awesome program by the way). I simply drop the file in the Toast 9 window, click on NORMALIZE function, and the audio is louder. Problem with Toast, is I can only write that file to a CD, not to a Hard Drive. Second problem with Toast, is the support. They seem to only send canned replys only. I asked them how to write to a hard drive instead of a CD, and they sent a canned reply on what files are supported by Toast, not answering the question at all. I am guessing I need another solution unless someone out there knows a work around. Russ
  21. I am a book junkie. I have a couple of books I recorded from CDs that play very low volume. This problem happens on the MAC as well as the iPod. Just double clicking the book and then another you can tell the difference big time. I have gone in preferences and checked the Sound Check box, and have moved the volume up to 100% in all the books, but this does not help. I have Toast 9 and tried its features. It sort of works. I can convert the CD files in Toast 9 and the volume will be what I want, with one problem. The file it creates can't be used by iTunes. To make it an MP3 file I am required to burn the file to a CD and can't burn the new MP3 to a disk file. (why is beyond me). What I am looking for is a program that I can take my file, and amplify the volume, and save it to disk. Anybody know of one out there?