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  1. aclaughan

    USB to Serial Connection

    I battled with this same issue for some time. Eventually I binned the adapter and went and bought the keyspan adapter You can use zterm for the terminal emulation, its free and works great. Alan.
  2. aclaughan

    Should I get a Wacom Tablet?

    I bought a A4 Wacom, it was cool for the first day. However as I am not a graphics person and bought it cause 'I just had to have it', it doesnt get used much now. Save the cash for your iPhone Alan.
  3. aclaughan

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    Lets not forget 'little snitch'. One of the mac gems that tends to dissapear into the background. Alan
  4. aclaughan

    Where is Iworks 07 & Ilife 07?

    Rumour has it that the applications rely on some of the new leopard features, so my money is on it being released in October. Alan.
  5. aclaughan

    remote wakeup over internet

    There is a option in the System Preferences/Energy Saver, to allow the machine to wake up for network admin over the ethernet connection. With that clicked you can use remote desktop to get into the machine. Alan
  6. aclaughan

    WWDC 07 reactions and opinions

    Yet another thing for the Vista techie's to copy. Bet it's in SP1
  7. aclaughan

    √úbercaster software

    Any feedback on the new podcast software? How does it compare to GB3 etc. Alan.
  8. aclaughan

    10.4.10 on the horizon

    Wouldn't that make it 01.4.01 or 5.2.5 for those uber geeks that think in hex
  9. aclaughan

    Fourth new Mac ad?

    I thought I'd seen it somewhere before. I now remember taking days to download the preso in iTunes. Must be getting old, Brain cells are fading Alan.
  10. aclaughan

    Fourth new Mac ad?

    No problemo Found another. Looks like something from WWDC Alan
  11. aclaughan

    Fourth new Mac ad?

    There seems to be 3 unreleased adverts. Not sure if they are soon to be released or Apple pulled them. The Appleblog website has a detailed article on them. The Apple Blog I found 2 of them on youtube. Knocking I'm sure it wont be long before the third appears on youtube. Alan.