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  1. kreskin13

    iPhone 2.0.2 firmware now out

    I downloaded the latest update this weekend for both my iPhone and my Touch. The Touch is working fine after a complete restore (70+ apps) and so is the iPhone except that it now asks for a "Passcode" after I wake it up. I did not set a passcode nor can I find where to turn it off! I see where you can manipulate a passcode, but not where you can turn it off. I hope this is just a stupid question (not the first or last) and not an "issue". How do I turn it off? Calvin
  2. kreskin13

    New iPhone - problem!

    Wow, that's a lot of info! Thanks for the advice. I have to agree about going slow and not trying to do too much at one time. Since I have both an iPhone and a Touch, I'm kind of using the Touch as a test platform. I'm treading lightly with the iPhone since I use it more and don't want to mess it up. On the Touch I have 70+ apps and take more chances with it, to see what will work and what won't. Has anybody installed the update yet, I'm waiting to see what some more experienced people think about it before I do it. It has to solve some of the stability issues. As far as iTunes goes, I try and only buy stuff from itunes Plus. I understand it is DRM free and a higher quality. I have been downloading some music from Amazon and emusic because they are cheaper and have a higher bit rate. Calvin
  3. kreskin13

    ipod touch - microphone?

    Smartass answer - iPhone. Serious answer - I found this. Hope it helps. http://ipod-touch-apps.blogspot.com/2008/0...add-on-now.html Calvin
  4. kreskin13

    New iPhone - problem!

    Woo hoo!!! I got it working thanks to the help I got from you guys. Thanks a million. I wiped out everything I had put on it and did another restore. I started slowly and added all the music I had downloaded from iTunes with my Touch, hit the iPod button and there it was! I then added 7 of my favorite apps and they all installed except for "Recorder" which said there was an error and it couldn't install. After that sync I first checked my music again and it was still there and working fine. Next I checked one app at a time and they all opened and appear to be working. As a final test for the day I loaded 2 more apps because I wanted to try at least one large complicated app (Cro-Mag Rally). It installed with the other one and then I saw it was trying to sync "Recorder " again. I was ready with a pen to write down the error code but it loaded! I tried the last 3 apps and they all work. Now I have 10 apps (that I installed), some tunes, my contacts and calendar. EVERYTHING is working. I'm not pushing my luck anymore today. Tomorrow I'll try some more stuff. Thanks again to everyone for their help. I'll keep you posted on my progress (it's such riveting drama) and hopefully it will help someone else if they have similar problems. Calvin
  5. kreskin13

    New iPhone - problem!

    Here is an update. I got rid of everything except my contacts but 2 apps won't go away. I told iTunes not to sync ANY apps but these 2 still show up on the iPhone. Here is a nice twist, the 2 that won't go away will now open! Originally all 73 apps showed up on the iPhone and would open but after the opening screen, showing which app you had opened, all of them would just close. The iPhone didn't crash in the way it does when it goes blank and the Apple logo shows up until it resets, it would just go back to one of the home screens. I've done numerous resets by holding the "home" and "top" buttons together until the Apple logo shows up and that hasn't seemed to help. That kind of reset has always helped solve any problems with my Touch. I've had iPods and have used iTunes for years and have never had any problems before. This is just plain weird! I'm going to do another restore and see what happens. I might even get rid of my contacts and start from the very beginning, just as it was when I bought it. All these problems are happening with the same stuff I STILL have on my Touch which is working fine (including all 73 apps I installed). Calvin
  6. kreskin13

    New iPhone - problem!

    I did another sync, getting rid of all but 12 apps. No go, still nothing shows up when I hit the iPod button, even though the computer and the iPhone show space taken up by what I synced. I just got rid of ALL my apps and still, same thing. I'm going to do another restore after getting rid of everything I put on it and start from scratch. Calvin
  7. kreskin13

    New iPhone - problem!

    I'm taking your advice, I just did a restore and am doing the sync while I'm writing this post. I picked about 10 of my favorite apps for this sync, got rid of my audiobooks and cut down on some of the music. Do you think this is what made my music and podcasts "disappear" (putting too much on at one time)? Calvin
  8. kreskin13

    Whats a good Stylus?

    I recall seeing something about the "no stylus" rule by Steve and I would have to agree that it's probably not the Apple way. As much as I love Steve and Apple, the bottom line is I'm going to do things MY way. The question about whether you are supposed to use a stylus or not is silly. Use one if you want, don't use one if you don't want to. To worry, chastise, look down upon, or whatever is ridiculous. Who cares, we certainly have more important and fun things to do with our time. That's my rant. My name is Calvin and I like butter. Calvin
  9. kreskin13

    Whats a good Stylus?

    Hey Ron, I have spent the last couple of weeks playing around with a couple of different brands. This one works nice http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/04/16/s...ylus-for-t.html. I also bought a two-pack from Amazon just to compare. The ones from Amazon work but not as well as the one from www.daydeal.com. The tip comes out of the cheaper one if you get too aggressive with it. I would go with the more expensive one, it's just made better. We're only talking about a few dollars anyway. I love using a stylus on my Touch and iPhone. I reach for it everytime I use them. The boys at the Apple store told me that a stylus wouldn't work on an iPhone. They were wrong. Calvin
  10. kreskin13

    Stylus for the iPod touch

    Well, I got the stylus from www.daydeal.com and I've played with it and another brand I found on Amazon for about two weeks. It's just a hollow metal tube with a soft rubber tip on the end. The tip is pretty flexible and has fair amount of "give" to it. Bottom line, they work great for entering text or any other time you need to be somewhat precise in your hits. Dragging and flicking works better with your finger. I bought the stylus for my Touch but I just happened to pick up a nice 16gb black iPhone for myself yesterday. I went to an Apple store and while I was going through the process of getting the iPhone I talked to the boys that worked there about using a stylus on the Touch and/or iPhone. They seemed kind of surprised that I was even thinking about doing such a thing. I told them that I like using a stylus and that it worked great on my Touch. They assured me that it wouldn't work on the iPhone, the screen required "heat" from your finger to work. Wrong! The stylus works just fine on an iPhone, no different on the Touch. Who's the "genius" now? Calvin
  11. kreskin13

    New iPhone - problem!

    Yeah, I thought about that while it was syncing. I found when I first started buying apps that it was best to only install a couple at a time. Do you suggest syncing again with only a few apps? My touch has those 73 apps on it and only crashes every now and then, but I thought the crashing was due to a bug in the software that was supposed to be addressed in this latest update. Granted I didn't install all those apps at once and a lot of them aren't that great, I was just trying them out and I could get rid of them. What about my music, movies and podcasts not showing up? Calvin
  12. kreskin13

    New iPhone - problem!

    I just got a new iPhone yesterday, it's activated and the phone part is working fine. The problem I'm having is after I synced it to my MacBook Pro the music, pocasts and movies don't show up when I hit the iPod button on the iPhone. Also the apps show on the screen but after they start to open they close before opening fully. I loaded all the apps (73) that I had on my Touch. I didn't do the latest update until after I noticed the problem. I did the latest update this morning and still have the problem. All the apps that came preinstalled on the iPhone open just fine but none of the 73 that I installed. Both iTunes and the iPhone say that the music, podcasts and movies are there (as far as space taken up). I have only 3.3gb left on my 16gb iPhone but it doesn't show up! HELP!! Calvin
  13. kreskin13

    Stylus for the iPod touch

    Thanks for the welcome Huskermn. Here is where I found out about this one. http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/04/16/s...ylus-for-t.html I've seen another that has a clip that snaps on the back of an iphone or touch and holds the stylus. I'll do a review when I get it. BTW, I've only been a Mac convert for about a year but still have to use a PC at work everyday. Calvin
  14. Since the release of the 2.0 update for the touch I have actually started using it. As much as I love "thumb typing", I would like to be able to use a stylus with it. My brilliant idea of using the stylus in my Q-4 Space Pen didn't pan out. It is hard plastic, made for a PDA and won't do anything on the touch. I also tried a pencil eraser, thinking it might want something a little fatter and softer, "finger like" if you will. No go. I found this and ordered one. Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome. http://www.daydeal.com/product.php?product...36&cat=2751 This is my first post on this forum so I thought I might share with you what my Apple toys are. *Mac Pro desktop with a 30" Cinema Display widescreen monitor. Simply beautiful. *Macbook Pro 19" widescreen laptop *32GB touch *60GB 5th gen iPod Classic *8GB 3rd gen iPod Nano Calvin