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    Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo

    i got a noisy hard drive too, but it doesn't bother me too much. EDIT: 3 days on the hinge clicks on the right and squeeks on the left, there may be some screws too tight/too loose or something, I also have the whine, which I hoped would be removed by the core 2 update.
  2. The Dead Herring

    Hiding the apple

    ha ha, bushisms are great.
  3. The Dead Herring

    Zooming mighty mouse

    It used to work for me with my mocrosoft mouse, I remember it as a feature in the pref pane that you turn on, now I can't find it.
  4. The Dead Herring

    iPhone Top Ten

    Here is my design for the iPhone, it needs texturing and rendering, but Sketchup is really bad for making models to render because all the faces are triangulated.
  5. The Dead Herring

    Hiding the apple

    Product placement is definitely not banned in the BBC, remember that docu-drama about the boxing day tsunami? Every LCD tv featured in the show was a Samsung, logo's clearly in view.
  6. The Dead Herring

    iPhone Top Ten

    I could try doing one, the 3d models don't look too complex, but I'm not much a designer.
  7. The Dead Herring

    Software freeze

    I'm not disagreeing, by why is it bad to to pull the cord out? and do forced shut downs damage the system? Because I can't remember the last time I did a proper shut down!
  8. The Dead Herring

    How Illegal is this??

    Nice Find!!!! I wish British Telecom wasn't screwing with my internet then I could get some free movies. I may exploit this while I still can, its also a shame that since all the movies will relate too christmas, they will all be appallingly bad.
  9. The Dead Herring

    XBOX 360!!!!!!! and connect 360

    I use connect 360 to stream music to my 360. I'm not bothering with video for the moment, I'm waiting for an update to bring in quicktime support, then it will be great.
  10. The Dead Herring

    Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo

    Wow, thanks for the info, be sure to post any problems as soon as you get them because I may purchase one of these in a few weeks.
  11. That is flippin' scary, seeing as may be an owner of one of these machines in a few weeks, it fills me with confidence. However because the unit is clearly seriously defective, I am sure they will be happy to replace it for you without argument, nothing should cause a computer to literally burn, regardless of what software is on it.
  12. The Dead Herring

    Things We Don't Hate In Windows

    Don't get me wrong, I love macs as much as any of you lot. But I thaught it would be interesting to compile a list of things that we don't hate in are not so favorite operating system: Windows XP. Don't see the title and immediately say "NOTHING, WINDOWS SUCKS! BURN THE TRAITOR!" really try to rack your brains into thinking of at least one thing you don't hate about windows. Yes it will be hard, for some almost impossible, but all I am asking is for you to try. Personally, the thing I don't hate about windows is its gaming compatability, I suppose it isn't because windows is good, but just because it is the market leader more games come out for it. Another thing I don't mind about windows is the Logo, take off the text and it's pretty cool (thats one where you will really have to remove all the negative connotations of the image from the min)
  13. The Dead Herring

    Free wifi

    Concentrate on the road!
  14. The Dead Herring

    What is your internet download speed?

    I suspected I should have put in higher speeds, but I couldn't be bothered to type them all up again. Moderator?
  15. The Dead Herring

    Where can I learn Flash actionscript?

    I would know where I can get free turorials on actionscript and Flash 8 so I can start to learn how to make flash games, animations, and applications. Not much else to say really. Cheers.
  16. The Dead Herring

    What is your internet download speed?

    Just post whatever the test says, the wires going to my house are only thick enough for 2.7mb, I get 2.3mb so I checked 2mb Wow, 2mb feels really fast for me, I can't imagine what 8mb would feel like.
  17. The Dead Herring

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    I seem to use four different browsers, Camino, Firefox, Safari, and Opera Camino I have set the default page to my router Firefox I use for browsing Safari I also use for browsing Opera I use as a bittorrent client, about as lightweight as you can get. Whether I choose Firefox or Safari really depends on how close they are to my mouse pointer!
  18. The Dead Herring

    2 DVDs stuck in iMac G5

    You havn't tried to use pliars or something, I suppose it depends on how they are stuck. I realise know that I have come close to that situation. He must have pushed it real hard to get it in!
  19. The Dead Herring

    My macbook cant find any "users"...

    It seems like you just can't win!
  20. The Dead Herring

    Dvorak Keyboard who sells one?

    I think you can pull off the keys on a apple keyboard quite easily, just get a picture of the desired layout, sit down with whatever tool you use to prize keys of keyboards, rearrange it appropriately, and learn to type all over again! What could be more fun?
  21. The Dead Herring

    Does Being Raised on a Computer make you Spell Bad?

    Neat, I never knew about the spell checker in Safari, reason enough to use it over Firefox!
  22. The Dead Herring

    Genie Or Scale?

    Yes, moving the mouse to the button kind of defeats the object of having expose. Although I do think there is little reason for suck being hidden.
  23. The Dead Herring

    Apple MacBook Pro

    Does it have any issues such as whining, dead pixels, or cosmetic damge such as scratching? Also, is the irish keyboard layout different to UK? P.S: I am merely interested, please don't be offended if I refuse your offer.
  24. The Dead Herring

    Macbook Owners: You've had a few months. Whats your opinion now?

    I had an extremely bad experience with my MacBook. Now it is long gone having damaged me mentally. I feel paranoid about every single piece of electronic equipment. But that is just me and my sodding bad luck.
  25. The Dead Herring

    XBox 360 controller

    I belive you may be able to download drivers for the wired 360 remote for windows xp somewhere