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    Future memory compatability

    I have some RAM that doesn't seem to be selling [cough] I was wondering what the likely hood of apple still using this type of RAM in future products as I am thinking of purchasing a computer in a few months. I was just wondering if I should hold back selling it. Cheers for any help and....[cough] Gosh I need to see the doctor about that cough lol
  2. The Dead Herring

    Exporting videos for windows from iMovie

    Hey, I am making a video for a school project in iMovie, anybody had experience with encoding video for windows media player from iMovie. The deadline is wednesday so please help! cheers.
  3. The Dead Herring

    left handed mac user

    It worked for me. Although I am using a ms mouse I didn't need to install any drivers for that pane to appear. Do you have a older OSX or something?
  4. The Dead Herring

    Future memory compatability

    I may wait for the next revision of the MacBook, do you think that will be too far away?
  5. The Dead Herring

    Things We Don't Hate In Windows

    I'm suprised you havn't been banned already.
  6. The Dead Herring

    left handed mac user

    You needn't have baught yourself the mouse, there is a preference pane in the keyboard and mouse prefs which allows you to change the primary button to the right.
  7. The Dead Herring

    Exporting videos for windows from iMovie

    I managed to burn it to a DVD using toast, that should work, thanks for the help guys.
  8. The Dead Herring


    Congrats, I hope your macbook doesn't have the problems that mine did. Although I won't mention what they were because it would make you paranoid lol.
  9. The Dead Herring

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    I will leave it a couple of months, every single macbook I have used has made that sound. But I know that there a people who say they don't have the problem. It just annoys me that I always seem to get the one with problems. I will leave it a couple a months, as you can see from the thread title. The experience has actually damaged me phycologically, I have become excessive over miniscule things. I have started noticing my tv making a high pitched sound too. I fear that I will never be able to be satisfied with anything ever again.
  10. The Dead Herring

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    I seem to have a phobia of buying new macs after my bad MacBook experience, namely the 4 weeks it took to arrive, and then the endless problems with it, and it's replacement. My question is, anybody who has purchased a new iMac, have there been any problems with it. Are the fans really loud? Are there funny noises with it? Do you get tons and tons of feedback in Garageband? Cheers.
  11. The Dead Herring

    iMac G5 to HDMI input.

    I was wondering if there are any products out there that will allow me to connect my iMac G5 to my Panasonic Viera 26inch HDTV via HDMI. What adapters will I need and is it even possible? EDIT: Would This Work?
  12. The Dead Herring

    iMac G5 to HDMI input.

    I heard that HDMI was designed just for video. Is this true, will it break anything?
  13. The Dead Herring

    MacBook shutdown problem

    You want to here my advice, don't get it. I learnt the hard way never to purchase a 1st generation product. I went through alot of stress because of the MacBook.
  14. The Dead Herring

    iMac G5 to HDMI input.

    Has anybody else used an HDMI input for a computer, does it work?
  15. The Dead Herring

    iMac G4 memory (SDRAM)

    I am interested in purchasing some ram for my iMac G4. Which takes SDRAM. There isn't much to say except that I live in the UK. Cheers. P.S: I am only interested, please don't be offended if I decline your offer.
  16. The Dead Herring

    A memory question.

    I was just wondering, what happens when you put the wrong kind of RAM in a computer? Will it just not fit because they all have different connectors?
  17. The Dead Herring

    setting up BT

    I only put the computer outside of the firewall when Bittorrenting which isn't very often. Most of the time I have it on the xbox 360.
  18. The Dead Herring

    iMac G4 memory (SDRAM)

    It's the iMac G4 700mhz. Sytem profiler says "SDRAM" sounds short, but you can't argue with the profiler!
  19. The Dead Herring

    Website faster after server trobles?

    I noticed the forum to be much faster after the server troubles. Especially seeing as my ISP has locked my download to real slow. I almost went off the maccast through my internet troubles because the pages took about 5 seconds to load, but now it is once again browsable. Cheers Adam.
  20. The Dead Herring

    Macs Are User Unfriendly?

    I'm sure we would love to see what you said in that e-mail.
  21. The Dead Herring

    The ultimate Mac collection

    You see the picture of his main desk with an iMac G5? I am not dissing iMac G5s, but you would of thought if he was that rich he would be using a mac pro with like four 30" cinema displays as his main system!
  22. The Dead Herring

    setting up BT

    I don't use the buillt in firewall. But my router for some reason can't open individual ports. Seeing as we are on Macs, it is quite safe to completely open the firewall on your router for a certain computer in your network. This is called placing your computer in the DMZ.
  23. The Dead Herring

    Midi Input

    There is quite a good apple help article regarding this subject. Click in the finder, then on help. Search MIDI, hope that helps.
  24. The Dead Herring

    Midi Input

    If you are on intel then you may need to download the latest universal binary of the drivers for your interface to work. I spent ages trying to get it work before I realised that I had download different drivers. What is the model of your midi interface? Are you on Intel?
  25. The Dead Herring

    iPod Mini 6 Gig from for .99¢

    Excuse me? Novelty Use? !!