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    Free Mac Mini & Alienware laptop

    No I won't, until somebody who I can trust can prove to me that they actually have won something from one of these sites. I won't even visit them.
  2. The Dead Herring

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    If I can convince my mother to let me buy it I will. She says that I am just a boy with a lot of money and wants something to spend it on. Well yeah, that something is the iMac!
  3. The Dead Herring

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    Well my 17inch 2.ghz powerpc imac is hot and loud! Must mean it's real fast! lol. Thanks for advice guys.
  4. The Dead Herring

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    I really have my eye on one now. My parents iMac G5 is pretty noisy.
  5. The Dead Herring

    Any issues with new iMacs?

    If only it was that simple.
  6. The Dead Herring

    Ipod Video or IPhone

    You should put this in the poll section. It would be iPod video for me by a long way.
  7. The Dead Herring

    Dual 2 Core in iBook

    He is using a different font!!!! Burn him!!!! Only joking.
  8. The Dead Herring

    MacBook Pro hissing

    Just a thaught, perhaps it is one of those sounds that only young people can hear? I am 15 and I could hear it loud and clear but my parents could barely hear it.
  9. The Dead Herring

    Dual 2 Core in iBook

    "And I don't think it's Baldrick's apple crumble!"
  10. The Dead Herring

    iPod games

    I saw the videos of games on the iPod features page and they reminded me of xbox live marketplace. Shame I havn't got a credit card.
  11. The Dead Herring

    Cool new feature on updated 5G iPods

    Sweet, I never knew that you could adjust the brightness. Thanks for that, I will download the update soon.
  12. The Dead Herring

    New iPods are a dissappointment?

    Tell me about it..... Literally, how does all this games stuff work, do they work on 5G? Not that I could get them in the UK anyway. See what I did there?
  13. The Dead Herring

    Apple Ipod Video Announced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They will certainly have to change the name of iTV in the UK, there is a terrestial channel with exactly the same name. Also, the apple site hasn't updated yet. Time: 7:25 GMT
  14. The Dead Herring

    MacBook Ram Compatability

    For the short time I had my MacBook I was a complete sucker and baught to 512 sticks from apple for £120. I am just wondering, before I sell them. What other macs would they work in? P.S: My 8mb line is literally going at dial up speed on download. But pretty quick on upload. On my 2mb line I got 1.6mb! British Telecom are "working on it". P.S.S: Those new iMacs are pretty cool, do you think they count as a first revision? Seeing as they have different processors. P.S.S.S: Does anybody want to buy two 512mb sticks of RAM. I will sell single or paired. Don't worry, I won't charge you £60 each!
  15. The Dead Herring

    MacBook Ram Compatability

    Do all intel systems take the same kind of RAM?
  16. The Dead Herring

    macbook cd drive

    BLoody problems with MacBooks. Apple! Get your arse in gear!
  17. The Dead Herring

    Wild Speculation on 9/12 announcement

    I want them to revise the MacBook line so I can actually buy one again and it not be laced with problems. Oh and give them decent graphics cards too! I want them to revise the MacBook line so I can actually buy one again and it not be laced with problems. Oh and give them decent graphics cards too!
  18. The Dead Herring

    Review iSkin eVo3 for ipod with video.

    So my hunt for a case for my ipod has come to an end, after carefull deliberation I decided to order an iSkin eVo3 off the iSkin store, it arrived briskly within two days so thumbs up there. First Impressions? The first thing that I noticed when I took it our of the box is how deceptive the pictures on the internet were, the graphics on the box were very simialar to those on the box for the ipod itself. It is quite difficult to put on the ipod and they couldn't of made it harder to use the hold switch, why don't they just put a hole there? so after about half an hour of use there is a small hole at the base of the hold switch due to my fingernail pushing the switch underneath the skin. But these are just nit picky things. Anatomy? The screen coverer resides above the screen and does not hinder your view in any way. I ccould even go as far to say it is easier on the eyes. The belt clip is sturdy and secure. This thing could be dropped from a significant height and not break the ipod. Aeastheticaly the skin is quite nice, and I say quite, because it does look better without it on, it adds a little weight to it. and makes it about a mm thicker on each side. the sturdy belt clips and grippy texture Front view showing the lovely screen protector A Profile showing the added bulk Final Thaughts? Overall I give this case 8/10 because its very good, but somehow it could be better, if there was a hole for the hold switch for example. P.S: Cat hairs have a tendency to stick to this case!
  19. The Dead Herring

    Review iSkin eVo3 for ipod with video.

  20. The Dead Herring

    Garageband and MIDI: IN but no OUT?

    I didn't believe that Garageband, being a cheap applicaition, supports MIDI out. I have the out cable plugged in but I see no preferences regarding MIDI out.
  21. The Dead Herring

    Mac Pro RAM

    Would the MacBook memory work in a Mac Pro? I have two 512 sticks for sale.
  22. The Dead Herring

    The last post on my MacBook

    Well, it was a short lived ownership. But now I must say goodbye to my MacBook. Due to the limitless problems, the replacement being even worse than the first one. I am taking it back to the store and saving up to buy a new and better one in a few months time. Possibly in a new revision. I will still be on the furms though. Well everybody, say goodbye to the MacBook!
  23. The Dead Herring

    Macbook Owners: You've had a few months. Whats your opinion now?

    These constant noises are enough to make me send it back to the shop. I am going to save up for a few more months and wait for the problems to be ironed out. Possibly in a new revision. With better grahics cards! Please?
  24. The Dead Herring

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    You won't need an iSight camera if you have a MacBook with it bult in! As for what I would like, I am going to be a little more realistic, and I will have to pay for most of these things. - DS lite - Leopard - Xbox 360 game That's about it.
  25. The Dead Herring

    Looking up a word...

    That's so cool, I never even know about that. That is the kind of thing that they would put in the OSX tip of the week at the apple website.