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    First and Second Macs

    I also got my MacBook from John Lewis. I buy almost all of my computer equipment from them. I am getting this MacBook replaced for another one tommorow because I had the same problem as the MBPs had with whining. They are even swapping the extra RAM that I put in it out and into the new one! Gret service.
  2. The Dead Herring

    Freeware app that can splice to video files together?

    iMovie will do the job.
  3. The Dead Herring

    MacBook SMC Firmware Update

    I installed this and it made no difference to the buzzing noises I am having. I am glad it is being replaced as I have started to see scan lines on the screen too.
  4. The Dead Herring

    Leopard preview

    I was mainly disapointed by the Leopard preview, I expected there to be a massive improvement on the GUI. I was annoyed when I saw that it pretty much looked exactly the same as tiger except with more memory hogging apps in the left side of the dock.
  5. The Dead Herring

    Problem with my Photobooth

    try verifying then repairing permissions. If that doesn't work, you could try downloading he application from somewhere.
  6. I had that except I had an extra two weeks. I just canceled the order and baught it from trusted retail store.
  7. The Dead Herring

    MacBook whining/buzzing.

    I went to the retailer, they took one listen to the feedback I was getting in garageband, said that it wasn't normal. I am getting a replacement on Saturday.
  8. The Dead Herring

    MacBook whining/buzzing.

    There is a kind of dis-jointed whining/buzzing sound coming from the top left part of my MacBook keyboard. I only noticed it a few days ago, but know I can't stop hearing it. The worrying thing is that it shares the same work around as the MacBook Pro whining issue. Which was to engage the camera in some way. This also proves that the sound is not a nescesary hardware process if it can be stopped indefinately. Are there any other MacBook owners on this forum who shares this problem? I will ring up apple and see what they say about it.
  9. The Dead Herring

    Digg frontpage stories

    I don't seem to be able to play that game.
  10. The Dead Herring

    MacBook whining/buzzing.

    Have you tried stopping the sound with the camera? I can't be important if it can be stopped indefinately.
  11. The Dead Herring

    MIDI Info

    I have the M-Audio one. But you need to download special drivers for it to work on intel. Just google it, I spent a long time trying to configure it without the correct drivers.
  12. I need to get a USB to hub to connect more than two things to my MacBook at once. On the apple store I saw a kensington 4 port hub designed for notebooks which is perfect. But it costs £25. Is this how much USB hubs cost? Kensington USB Hub It just seems a little expensive to me. Where else in the UK can I get a comparable product on a budget? I would prefer to buy from a retail store.
  13. The Dead Herring

    Mighty Mouse Software?

    I was just stumbling through the software section of Brokenstones.cn and, well, guess what I found? Wireless Mighty Mouse Driver I will download and seed because there is only one seeder.
  14. The Dead Herring

    what would you save?

    You are so predictable!
  15. The Dead Herring

    Another iPod feature gone!!!

    I still have this feature, you could always do a restore to get the features back. I also noticed that installing iPod linux effected the ipod firmware. It actually broke the volume limiter. Pretty handy, although I must admit I usually use the manual limiter to protect my headphones and ears.
  16. The Dead Herring

    Looking up a word...

    I use the dictionary in Word. I don't even need to know how to spell it.
  17. The Dead Herring


    Really you should explain instead of just saying that, but I'm not a mod. So feel free to tell me to shut up!
  18. The Dead Herring

    Genie Or Scale?

    I did, I put in two poll questions. I must have posted it by accident and used the back button to edit the post, silly me. I will add one now. Suck is pretty cool, I like how it changes depending on where the window is around the dock. Are there any others that I should know?
  19. The Dead Herring

    WOW and Macbook

    Although I have never in fact played it. I know that WOW can be made universal with an update. However, the MacBook really can't run modern 3D games due to the crappy integrated graphics video card. Although they are much more expensive, the Mac Book Pro would be great at running games because they have very good video cards.
  20. The Dead Herring

    left handed mac user

    There is an option in the mouse preferenes to reverse the primary and secondary click.
  21. The Dead Herring

    Mighty Mouse Software?

    You will need some software to create a disk image from a C.D. I know that Toast can do this. I think there is a trial version of toast if you don't have it. Can you drag the application off the C.D onto the desktop? If you can, all you will need to do is get each other's iChat/Aim screenames and send the file to each other. I can't imagine the drivers being very large. if you can't you may need to use alternate methods of transfering the disk image such as bittorrent or Peer to Peer. You could try downloading the trial version of Acquisition and send the file to him using that. Don't forget to zip it up to reduce file size. Good luck!
  22. The Dead Herring


    I have noticed it to be ever so slightly slower to load the page than on the last software. But I certainly won't miss it. I really hated how if you close the window it marked all topics as read. I have never found the maccast forum to be really snappy. Not sure why. I love the new software Adam.
  23. The Dead Herring

    iApp Themes

    You can never have too many themes, I voted that there should be more of them. Hey Neil, I used that exact same avatar (the garageband icon) when I first joined this forum, weird.
  24. The Dead Herring


    Revolutionise is a strong word, but it has changed the way I use the computer. It is definately my favorite feature of Tiger. I laugh at PC users when they spend 10 minutes searching their Hard Drive for one file when my MacBook can find any file faster than I can type it's name. I use it open all the applications that arn't in the dock. I also use it find all the parts of applications when I uninstall them. It hasn't revolutionised the way I use my computer, but using my computer would much harder without it.