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  1. Recently I was clumsy enough to wreck the audio output on my macbook, it's completely broken.


    But fear not, I had a griffin iMic lying around, so I've started to use that as the system audio output.


    However, Logic 8 appears to ignore the this system setting instead requiring the user to select the Core audio device in its own preferences.


    This is becoming an issue because the griffin iMic also has an audio input which I do not wish to use.


    Logic automatically selects the input from the iMic which is awful because of its high susceptibility to interference and noise.


    My question is, how can I map the audio output from Logic to go through the iMic, whilst still using the built in input?


    Thanks for any suggestions,



  2. appleinvite_300.jpg


    For those who haven't heard, apple's next special event is tomorrow on September 5th.


    As usual, an AIM (iChat) chatroom will be open for live discussion of the announcements. To access the room in iChat, click File- Go To Chat, and then enter 'themaccast' in the text field.

  3. use (or dont use, your choice) paradox vista crack to "activate" vista, which may or may not be found on certain torrent sites.


    You needn't use bittorrent to download the crack, I have always obtained it through a simple browser download found through Google, I was amazed how well it worked.

  4. Actually, in an earlier post, I explained that disk utility showed that mycurrent drive is SATA2, not SATA. So I should really stick to the SATA2 drive.


    One thing I must ask, the SATA2 drive on Amazon is only 5200 rpm, whereas my current drive 5400, would this create a noticeable difference in performance? Also, I notice that this drive has no manufacturer attributed to it, Amazon merely lists it as "generic" should I stay away from this and look for more well known brand like Hitachi, Fujitsu, or Toshiba?

  5. Research on Amazon and Play.com has revealed many possibilities in regards to 2.5" Notebook drives.


    Firstly, from Amazon, this one interests me...




    I presume I would need to purchase an enclosure, which are also available on Amazon.


    This one, which I prefer, from play.com..





    However, I notice that this drive does not claim to be SATA2. In system profiler, I have learnt the drive that shipped with my MacBook is SATA2, is this significant? Will a regular SATA drive still work?

  6. I have to say that worked perfectly with all banks' services I tried. The fact that this works really does prove that for absolutely no reason other than laziness, do they not support the OSX platform. On one bank, Nationwide, it even said "you must use a Windows system", this work around proved that statement to be an outright lie. They simply have not tested it, so they assume it is incompatible. Which makes me even more angry than before...


    Are they totally ignorant of customers needs? Do they not realize that even amongst a user base of, say 500,000 people, around 75,000 of those people will be using OSX, and will not have constant access to a Windows PC?



    P.S: Im still in the market for a Hard Disk upgrade so if you know of any places I could get one I would much appreciate it, thanks.

  7. Hey, it has recently come to my attention that my bank's online banking facility, for absolutely no apparent reason, requires a Windows PC running Internet Explorer to gain access. So it appears the time has come to install Windows on my MacBook.


    However, my minute 60GB drive is barely large enough hold my home folder, let alone budging up to fit in another operating system.


    I was wondering if any of you lot know of a computer hardware supplier in the UK that sells MacBook internal hard drives. I will pay whatever it costs, although going by US prices, I am anticipating a price of around £150 - £250.





  8. Yeah, disk utility works for a few image formats, but there are quite a few that it doesn't support.


    Really the main purpose of apps like that on the PC are for mounting a creating images, and Finder and Disk Utility support this anyway.


    If you aren't having any luck with disk utility you could try your luck with Disco

  9. Wow, can you imagine running virtual PC in Rosetta? Thats like running an emulator, in an emulator!


    EDIT: Oops, I pressed the add reply button twice, how do I delete the second post?

  10. Just to let you know, my mum bought a core2 macbook, and you guessed it, it whines. So does it's replacement, this is becoming increasingly ridiculous. This brings the grand total up to six, two macbook core duos, two mac book pros, and two macbook core2s.



    This whole thing is making me seriously consider switching.

  11. I have a friend who once told me with complete sincerity, "iPods can't natively play MP3s" He was convinced that the files were converted to M4a when it is synced. Being the only mac user amongst my peers, I was quick to correct him on the matter.


    The same friend also thought that the Nanos used miniature hard drives, again, I was quick to correct him.


    I have another friend that told me during a Windows-OSX argument that OSX does not fully support right click. He seem convinced of this, despite me telling him that a have used both OSX and XP, and OSX supports right click just as well as Windows. But not only that, the last mac he used was running OS8, likely on a one button mouse, so he has no right to correct me.


    Anyway, why don't you share your own stories of gormless friends who seem to think they know all about OSX, but still make comments like these on a regular basis? This would be a good thread to discuss the various myths about the Macintosh that are floating about.