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  1. Although I am not a professional. I highly reccomend sketchup 6, it is unarguably the easiest and most intuitive modeling package around. It is ideal for architecture because of the automatic inference and alining. The latest version comes with a 2d design program called Layout, I don't really use this but it does work seamlessly with sketchup.


    My largest gripe with sketchup is that it doesn't have any subdivision or filleting features. This is usually not a problem for achitectural usage, but when trying to make organic models, its almost impossible without hypernurbs subdivision.

  2. They will make you pay duty to import it into the UK so it will end up being about the same price anyway, it is illegal to import without paying the duty,


    If you have a problem with the machine and phone up applecare, when they ask you for the serial number it will show that it will show up as an American system which means they might not serve you.


    Considering the volume of problems the intel units have suffered, I would definately not risk it.

  3. I am sorry for insulting your line of work Mr Hoult,


    Upon reflection, it may have been silly of me to dismiss AASPs like I did, I interpreted the original question as malicious because it was so ambiguous, but it was not my aim to start an argument.


    Where abouts is your workplace? If I ever have more problems with my string of replacement mac book pros, I may seriously consider your services over applecare.

  4. Im sorry to have commited the sin of blasphemy regarding my opinions towards AASPs and apple stores. I have had no experience with either, but for me at least given the option, would go for 1st party support over the third party, but I would not hesitate to go to an AASP if they didn't find the problem. Do AASPs offer free service? As I said, I don't know much about them, so you shouldn't take my opinions to personally, which is obviously what is occurring here. Why don't you just give us your sales pitch Matt?

  5. My answer to that would depend on whether you were wondering why I said "or an apple store", well the answer to that would be coincidence, or were you asking why I did not find help from applecare? That really wasn't a very good question. Literally, the thing that prompted my comment, was the phrase before it, I said that I could not find help from applecare, so the other option would be to take it to an AASP or an apple store. I'm not exactly sure what that question was about, or why it was asked, please do explain. Have I given bad advice? Seeing as you work at an AASP, I expect you would know more about it then myself.

  6. Although I claim to be no expert on these things, I was the victim of almost every known issue for the MacBook when I had my two before giving up and getting a macbook pro, which also has nearly every known issue! But I was told by the kind fellows on this forum that I had a case of Logic Board Sickness, nothing much was said by apple support, all they did was deny that my problems existed. Anyway, bad logic boards tend to deteriorate over time, you may see more problems appearing over the weeks, the logic board is generally the part that causes problems in the MacBooks. Although I hate to say it, I reccomend you take it applecare, but if they are anything like as useless to me as they were to you, I would just take it sraight to an AASP, or preferably an apple store.

  7. But there are others with cases such as mine, simply head over to the apple support forums, or the macintouch page about issues with all the mac computers. I think I saw this one person who was up to his 6th Mac Book Pro, which still has issues. Matthew Torbin from this forum had to have his logic replaced in his Macbook I think about four times before it was working properly.


    I don't know what to do about it, I see myself never getting to the computer that isn't faulty, and each time I get home with a replacement only to be the victim of bad quality hardware it will get increasingly painful.

  8. If I do the same thing there is no effect on the fans and I can't notice any heat. Perhaps that command doesn't work correctly on intel, just fooling the system into thinking the processors are working that fast, but not actually. Although my Mac book Pro is in the process of replacement.


    I can hear the fans slowly building now.........





    {shout} I think you just needed to wait a little for the system to heat up!!!


    I think its ok, I wouldn't worry about it.

  9. As I sit here on my third MacBook, this time a pro version, blocking out the whine and the abnormally noisy hard drive, and grimacing at my appallingly badly constructed hinge that squeeks, creaks, and clicks into position whenever it's moved, I think of how many others that have got through even more computers that I have. Some even possibly have given up, and left for other hardware that they can trust not to be consistently defective.


    Has anybody else noticed this significant lack of quality control amongst apple products recently? If Apple want to gain a higher market share, they need to get the basics right, after my bad experience, I would long for a laptop that could be guaranteed not to be defective, and would probably pay premium for it, but when paying £1400 for a computer, one cannot be blamed for having certain expectations of quality control. That was in fact the reason I got a mac book pro instead of a MacBook, after having two faulty MacBooks, and the two reviews of Mac Book Pro's in this forum stating no such issues, I forked out my years wages (I'm 15) on this laptop in the hope that it would not be defective, but naturally I was wrong.


    I don't like to blame luck for this, because I believe in probability, and nobody telling me "that they all do it" will sway me, I know they don't all do it, but even if they do, they would still be defective.


    Apple need to get their bloody act together and make the hardware just as good as the OS it is running.....





    P.S: It is a few months later, the mac book pro John Lewis got in especially whined even worse than the first one. Also, my mum got a macbook core2 which whines along with its replacement.

  10. Which hard drive did you go for? I got the 160gb one and it's quite noisy. Not bad enough to be worrying, but you saying you can't hear yours is making me wonder...


    i got a noisy hard drive too, but it doesn't bother me too much.


    EDIT: 3 days on the hinge clicks on the right and squeeks on the left, there may be some screws too tight/too loose or something, I also have the whine, which I hoped would be removed by the core 2 update.