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  1. I'd assume it's to avoid product placement - something which is banned by the BBC here in the UK - though I've never seen them go that far. Apple portables are used in one of their day-time programmes in which punters watch a video recording of properties someone thinks they may buy - a great show, like much of their daytime material, if you're just waiting to die - and even their newscasters often have a Dell (laptop) on their desks.


    Product placement is definitely not banned in the BBC, remember that docu-drama about the boxing day tsunami? Every LCD tv featured in the show was a Samsung, logo's clearly in view.

  2. Nice Find!!!! I wish British Telecom wasn't screwing with my internet then I could get some free movies. I may exploit this while I still can, its also a shame that since all the movies will relate too christmas, they will all be appallingly bad.

  3. I seem to use four different browsers, Camino, Firefox, Safari, and Opera


    Camino I have set the default page to my router


    Firefox I use for browsing


    Safari I also use for browsing


    Opera I use as a bittorrent client, about as lightweight as you can get.


    Whether I choose Firefox or Safari really depends on how close they are to my mouse pointer!

  4. Does it have any issues such as whining, dead pixels, or cosmetic damge such as scratching? Also, is the irish keyboard layout different to UK?



    P.S: I am merely interested, please don't be offended if I refuse your offer.