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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love macs as much as any of you lot. But I thaught it would be interesting to compile a list of things that we don't hate in are not so favorite operating system: Windows XP.


    Don't see the title and immediately say "NOTHING, WINDOWS SUCKS! BURN THE TRAITOR!" really try to rack your brains into thinking of at least one thing you don't hate about windows. Yes it will be hard, for some almost impossible, but all I am asking is for you to try.


    Personally, the thing I don't hate about windows is its gaming compatability, I suppose it isn't because windows is good, but just because it is the market leader more games come out for it.


    Another thing I don't mind about windows is the Logo, take off the text and it's pretty cool (thats one where you will really have to remove all the negative connotations of the image from the min)

  2. I have some RAM that doesn't seem to be selling [cough] I was wondering what the likely hood of apple still using this type of RAM in future products as I am thinking of purchasing a computer in a few months. I was just wondering if I should hold back selling it.


    Cheers for any help and....[cough]


    Gosh I need to see the doctor about that cough lol

  3. Congrats!! You're going love it. Let us know how it goes.


    Congrats, I hope your macbook doesn't have the problems that mine did. Although I won't mention what they were because it would make you paranoid lol.

  4. I will leave it a couple of months, every single macbook I have used has made that sound. But I know that there a people who say they don't have the problem. It just annoys me that I always seem to get the one with problems.


    I will leave it a couple a months, as you can see from the thread title. The experience has actually damaged me phycologically, I have become excessive over miniscule things. I have started noticing my tv making a high pitched sound too. I fear that I will never be able to be satisfied with anything ever again.

  5. A badly configured Mac is as open to traditional penetration as any computer. It may be immune to Windows worms and trojans, but if you leave all the ports open to the outside, turn on services such as file sharing, telnet, ssh, or FTP, use poorly conceived passwords and invite the whole world in, you're asking for trouble. I use my router to keep strangers from connecting to the file sharing on my desktop with the same ease that I do.


    I only put the computer outside of the firewall when Bittorrenting which isn't very often. Most of the time I have it on the xbox 360.

  6. This is exactly the kind of "reporting" that gives 12 year old gothic hybrid depressed and degenerate bloggers a bad name. I have written a very strong letter of complaint to the publishers, not just because it's entirely inaccurate, but because it is offensive to both the educated and the uneducated, but one of the single worst written articles I have ever read.


    This is trash at it's lowest level and the author should never get near a keyboard of any description ever again.


    I'm sure we would love to see what you said in that e-mail.

  7. I noticed the forum to be much faster after the server troubles. Especially seeing as my ISP has locked my download to real slow. I almost went off the maccast through my internet troubles because the pages took about 5 seconds to load, but now it is once again browsable. Cheers Adam.

  8. I don't use the buillt in firewall. But my router for some reason can't open individual ports. Seeing as we are on Macs, it is quite safe to completely open the firewall on your router for a certain computer in your network. This is called placing your computer in the DMZ.

  9. If you are on intel then you may need to download the latest universal binary of the drivers for your interface to work. I spent ages trying to get it work before I realised that I had download different drivers.


    What is the model of your midi interface? Are you on Intel?

  10. I was a complete sucker and paid £140 for two sticks of 512 mb from the apple store in London. Now the system that they were used in for a week has gone back. I need to make back at least some of the money.


    I have checked and can pretty much confirm that they will work in all the intel based macs apple are currently selling apart from the Mac Pro. It is unlikely that any older macs will take different RAM. But just in case, before purchasing please check that 667mhz DDR2 SDRAM will work in your machine.


    They have only been used for a week. I upgraded from the 2 256mbs in my MacBook to 1gb with these two 512s and it made a hell of a lot of difference. I had never used a mac with any more than stock ram and this extra power really did shine through.


    I would like to sell at £50 each or nearest offer.


    Remember this is apple RAM. Memory which is I believe to be best in its field.


    Here is chance to get Apple quality, without the apple prices.





  11. I visited the Twelve Oaks Apple Store last night to check out the new 24" iMac and I couldn't contain myself but (un)fortunately my credit card providers don't trust me enough so I ended up getting the $1199 17" iMac. It's awesome and a perfect compliment to my MacBook, which can barely handle Aperture.


    Anyways, I haven't had any problems with it yet and I haven't heard of any outcries because the fan spins 10 RPMs faster than it should. Just buy one, you won't regret it.


    If I can convince my mother to let me buy it I will. She says that I am just a boy with a lot of money and wants something to spend it on. Well yeah, that something is the iMac!