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  1. We got a new 24" at work today. I have to say that it get's warm, but it's very quiet. I suppose that with all that heat from the huge display, the super-CPU and the small casing it's a miracle it's as quiet and cool as it is.


    It is kinda warm though.


    Well my 17inch 2.ghz powerpc imac is hot and loud! Must mean it's real fast! lol.


    Thanks for advice guys.

  2. I seem to have a phobia of buying new macs after my bad MacBook experience, namely the 4 weeks it took to arrive, and then the endless problems with it, and it's replacement.


    My question is, anybody who has purchased a new iMac, have there been any problems with it. Are the fans really loud? Are there funny noises with it? Do you get tons and tons of feedback in Garageband?



  3. Same on my MacBook. Apple said they checked it and I guess they thought it was normal. Mine is not that loud. You have to put your ear right next to it to be able to hear it.


    I guess it's normal and we are supposed to live with it.



    Just a thaught, perhaps it is one of those sounds that only young people can hear? I am 15 and I could hear it loud and clear but my parents could barely hear it.

  4. I want them to revise the MacBook line so I can actually buy one again and it not be laced with problems.


    Oh and give them decent graphics cards too!


    I want them to revise the MacBook line so I can actually buy one again and it not be laced with problems.


    Oh and give them decent graphics cards too!

  5. For the short time I had my MacBook I was a complete sucker and baught to 512 sticks from apple for £120.


    I am just wondering, before I sell them. What other macs would they work in?


    P.S: My 8mb line is literally going at dial up speed on download. But pretty quick on upload. On my 2mb line I got 1.6mb! British Telecom are "working on it".


    P.S.S: Those new iMacs are pretty cool, do you think they count as a first revision? Seeing as they have different processors.


    P.S.S.S: Does anybody want to buy two 512mb sticks of RAM. I will sell single or paired. Don't worry, I won't charge you £60 each!

  6. Well, it was a short lived ownership. But now I must say goodbye to my MacBook.


    Due to the limitless problems, the replacement being even worse than the first one. I am taking it back to the store and saving up to buy a new and better one in a few months time. Possibly in a new revision.


    I will still be on the furms though. Well everybody, say goodbye to the MacBook! :(

  7. New ipod


    isight camera


    You won't need an iSight camera if you have a MacBook with it bult in!


    As for what I would like, I am going to be a little more realistic, and I will have to pay for most of these things.


    - DS lite

    - Leopard

    - Xbox 360 game


    That's about it.

  8. If I am in a Cocoa app like Pages, then I press "Ctrl+apple+D" and hold it.


    That's so cool, I never even know about that. That is the kind of thing that they would put in the OSX tip of the week at the apple website.

  9. I also got my MacBook from John Lewis. I buy almost all of my computer equipment from them. I am getting this MacBook replaced for another one tommorow because I had the same problem as the MBPs had with whining. They are even swapping the extra RAM that I put in it out and into the new one!



    Gret service.