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  1. dmeyer

    Apple Keyboard & Ctrl-alt-del

    Don't know if it would make any difference, but the actual order I pressed those keys (in Fusion) was Option-Control-Fn-Del. Maybe pressing the Fn right before Delete would make a difference? I don't know for sure, just throwing out some ideas.
  2. dmeyer

    Apple Keyboard & Ctrl-alt-del

    If you have room at your desk, plug in any old Windows keyboard for full/normal functionality when in Boot Camp (Parallels/Fusion too, I think), then switch back to that awesome aluminum keyboard when you're back home. I can't verify at the moment, but off the top of my head it seems when I'm using Boot Camp, Control-Option-Delete works. Try that again. I can verify that, when using Fusion, Fn-Control-Option-Delete gives what Windows recognizes as Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  3. dmeyer

    Safari 4

    I like the Top Sites, they have enabled me to get rid of the Bookmarks Bar. Combined with the tabs being on the top, I've gotten rid of two "toolbar lines" for a significant increase in browsing area. However, I don't like that I can't double-click to open a tab anymore, because a double-click in the tab area minimizes the window! I guess I can hit the "+" button but that'll take some getting used to. As for the speed, I haven't noticed either way.
  4. dmeyer

    Monitor Help/Query

    I always just turn the brightness all the way down on the laptop. I know the LCD isn't "off", but if all you're worried about is seeing it out of the corner of your eye, that'll take care of it. Not sure how that would affect your LCD life, with it being on all the time. Wouldn't be any different than if you were using it instead of the external display, I guess. Unless there's an app or preference pane out there that'll disable the internal monitor with the lid being open, this may be the only option. +1 for not running with lid closed.
  5. dmeyer

    Firewire Gear

    I have very limited experience with a FirePod (now called FireStudio). 8 channels and retails at around $400. We use it at church to record services with a PC and Adobe Audition. By very limited experience I mean all I have ever done with it is plugged it in. It is plug-and-play with GarageBand. I don't have any idea how it would rate on the quality/performance scale, just thought I'd throw it out there. http://www.presonus.com/products/Detail.aspx?ProductId=5
  6. dmeyer

    Refutb Macbook! Good or Bad?

    My girlfriend's refurbished MacBook actually came in just a few hours ago. There's no way to tell it's not new besides the box it came in. The entire case is new, new battery, not sure about the display. It seems that the mainboard is about the only thing left to be carried over from a "previous" computer. Everything seems to be perfect on it, and at $850, the price is right. As has been mentioned, refurbished is better in some ways because it is actually looked over before being sent to you. Add a regular 1-year warranty and I see no reason why not to get a refurbished computer. Something to think about, though...with our education discount, we were qualified for a $950 MacBook. If you buy a new computer you get a free printer...so 6 of one/half a dozen of the other. When I bought mine the free iPod promotion was going on and it was a no-brainer to go with a new one. Shop around to see what'll benefit you the most.
  7. dmeyer

    How do you clean your computer?

    I just tried the Magic Eraser, and it works great! A small amount of rubbing cleaned up the keys nicely. I did not dampen the eraser. Ironically, the invisible film on the palm rests is looking kind of nasty now. I guess you can't have everything... Not saying the iKlear wouldn't work, but at a tenth of the price this is a good alternative.
  8. I love my MacBook, but whoever designed it needs to have their head examined for making it white. The keyboard and palm rests show dirt like nothing I've ever seen. I bought a palm rest skin from invisibleshield.com, but the keys are still exposed... So what does everyone do to keep 'em clean? I know Apple says to use a damp cloth, but that just doesn't cut it for the dirt that's down in the texture of the plastic. Is there a favorite product that gets rid of the dirt reasonably easily without damaging the letters? Also, I don't want to "scrub" on the keys in fear of A.) dripping something down inside and B.) damaging the componetry underneath.
  9. I have a Verizon USB Mobile Broadband Modem. This works great when you plug it into a single computer. However, I would like to share the connection via a router. I'd like to use an AirPort Express as I already have two of them. I haven't actually tried it yet, but I'm assuming it won't do anything if I plug it directly into the USB on the APE. However, I would be willing to consider a different router that supports this function. If I looked for a router on Newegg that supported that, what would be the feature name to look for? Is there a USB to ethernet adapter of some sort available? I already know about plugging the modem into a computer then sharing that connection with ICS and ethernet, but I'd rather not have an extra computer running if I don't have to. Thanks! Daniel
  10. dmeyer

    Show off your Desktop

    I too use the desktop only for things that haven't been filed yet...nothing stays there.
  11. dmeyer

    Closing My Macbook's Lid

    What about the app InsomniaX? http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/22211 I use it all the time when I want to just move to another room or something. InsomniaX lives in the menubar with a drop-down menu to "Enable Insomnia". This basically prevents sleep, and when you close your lid your computer acts like nothing happened--it doesn't even shut off the display. I will add a caution, though: since MacBook cools primarily through the keyboard, closing the lid will severely limit airflow (and I suspect this is the reason the feature is disabled from the factory). I don't leave it running with the lid closed for more than 10-15 minutes. I have, in the past, forgotten to disable Insomnia...after about an hour in my sleeve the processor temperature was up around 180 degrees. You just have to be extra careful to disable Insomnia then sleep when you intend to. For this same reason, when using only an external display, I leave the lid cracked a couple of inches and turn the screen brightness all the way down.
  12. I have a couple of minor problems with iTunes. First, the window keeps sticking to my mouse cursor. I think what may be happening is when I have my cursor up in the title area I may bump the trackpad (MacBook) with my palm. Is this an accessibility feature, to allow you to drag without holding the mouse button, that I can turn off? It's annoying because I like to have the mini player "just so" in the corner and it takes a few seconds to reposition it. This doesn't seem to happen to any other application. Also, when in the mini player (I assume that's the term, it's what you get when you click the green button) mode, the pause control will not work. It will pause for a second or less then resume playing. I can use the keyboard (F8) to pause it successfully, or even maximize the window and it will work fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.