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  1. mynewromantica

    Max RAM questions

    Sweet, Thanks for the help.
  2. mynewromantica

    Max RAM questions

    I just went to the crucial website and scanned my computer and it says I can have 8 GB of RAM, but i have heard that my computer can only handle 4 from other places, but I have also heard that Apple specifically limits or misinforms about the limits of their hardware. So what can my 13 inch unibody MacBook Pro 2.26 Ghz handle, 4 or 8 GB?
  3. mynewromantica

    Different ways of scheduling in iCal

    Sweet, thanks.
  4. mynewromantica

    Different ways of scheduling in iCal

    I have certain events that repeat every month but not on the same date, it happens on the first sunday of every month or something like that. Is there a way to make a repeating schedule like that in iCal?
  5. mynewromantica

    Lyrics On iPod

    Just get Gimme Some Tune. It does artwork and lyrics, it isn't perfect but I love it. Or you can get TuneUp if your wiling to pay.
  6. I just got a new iPod and want to know how to restore from an old iPod backup.
  7. mynewromantica

    Printer sharing

    I just got a new MacBook Pro and I am running snow leopard and I was wondering how do I share my printer that is connected to my iMac with my MacBook?
  8. mynewromantica

    Turn off the IR receiver

    Does anyone know how to turn off the IR receiver on a MacBook Pro? I like watching movies on my iMac while in bed but I also work on things on my MacBook while watching the movie and the one remote ends up playing with both computers.
  9. mynewromantica

    Will upgrading my RAM or Hard Drive void my warranty?

    Thanks for the answer, but just so you know, I had an issue with some 3rd party RAM on my iMac and I called Apple and they said that if I bought Ram from a place that had RAM that was specifically tested on Apple machines, such as Crucial, that any problems would still be covered under the Apple Care, but any other RAm they cannot guarantee anything.
  10. I just got a new MB Pro and I just put Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition, but now I can't get the track pad to do certain things like tap to click and right click, but the 2-finger scroll works great. How do I change the settings for the track pad?
  11. I just bought a new 13 inch Unibody MacBook Pro and I want to upgrade the RAM and possibly the HD, but I noticed that the bottom doesn't have anywhere to open and put the RAM. I did notice some screws around the edge but I don't know if pulling the bottom off will void my warranty.
  12. mynewromantica

    Max RAM

    I have heard things about Snow leopard making more RAM usable or something like that because it's 64-bit. If that is true does that mean that my iMac can handle more RAM now or am I just confused?
  13. Heres the problem. When I open iStat Pro on my dashboard it says i have 142.7 GB left on my HD, but Finder says I have 153.14 left. What can I do to make them agree? P.S. I am using snow leopard, and I love it
  14. mynewromantica

    Can't update twitter from Opera

    Is there any specific reason you use Opera as your main browser? If this is really important enough I would just switch to a better browser. I am not an Opera fan. Or you could just use a twitter client like TweetDeck.
  15. mynewromantica

    Uninstall CS4 Trial

    Nevermind, I got it.