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    Console crashing - SOLVED

    Console (in 10.5.6) is opening, thinking hard with the beachball for about 30-50 seconds and then crashing. Repeatedly. Is there a way to stop this? Would reinstalling the Console app (how?) help? Trash/rename the system log file?
  2. HappyJoe

    Console crashing - SOLVED

    Plist didn't, but the combo update did! Thanks very much, Graham! So, is it advised that the combo trick be used an damaged system apps while still under 10.5.6? Is it ever inadvisable? Dangerous? What is the downside to running it? I notice that the list of logs in Console is dramatically reduced (probably because a new one was forced by the 'update').
  3. HappyJoe

    Mac not getting my machine's name right

    Shucks, so you can! I did it by pressing the (surprise!) Edit button and it held. I thought it was going to find a clash somewhere and revert to Gottalight-2, but it didn't. I still wonder why Apache only reluctantly used "... GottaLight-2.local for ServerName". Many thanks for helping me find the obvious that I missed!
  4. I suppose the first question is whether Macs have names? Windows machines do - NETBIOS seems to require it. My box's name is 'Gottalight' but I can't remember where I so named it. Recently it has been calling itself 'Gottalight-2'. The earliest reference to this name change I found was in the Crash Reporter log files when the first Gottalight-2.crash file appeared. Early in the start-up the logs show: configd[14] setting hostname to "GottaLight-2.local" and a few seconds later: org.apache.httpd[27] httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using GottaLight-2.local for ServerName My Network Ethernet WINS tab shows 'NetBIOS Name: GOTTALIGHT' but next to it is a grey text message that 'GOTTALIGHT is currently being used.' But I don't know where. How can I clear this matter up and get the old name back?
  5. HappyJoe

    Mac window resizing

    Can anyone tell me why the Mac window can only be resized using that little tag on the bottom right? Has it some occult significance or is it just an early design choice that Apple forgot to rectify?
  6. HappyJoe

    HFS in NTFS drive and TimeMachine via XP

    I looked at Macdrive but it's not what I can use for this. Its main use is to read/write Mac disks from a MS box. I can do that if I want to with the lovely VMWare (Free try of their VMW Fusion beta - no date mentioned that I could see - try it. Having XP, 2000, Suse and Puppy Linux running on my mini is, at least, amusing). Bloody Pmagic. Paragon PM doesn't either.
  7. I need to format in HFS a 78GB space in an existing USB drive which also has two filled NTFS partitions that must not be destroyed. I am hoping that this will be usable by Time Machine even though the drive will be plugged into a Windows box. How do I do the format (Disk Utility can't see the partition space)? Will the Windows-box-as-transit kill my Time Machine hopes?
  8. HappyJoe

    Bluetooth killed my Youtube!

    This has been bothering me on my newish Mac (Leopard) and other forums don't respond... While listening to a Youtube video via the Mac's internal speaker, if I turn on my 'O2 Blue' bluetooth headset (Menu bar - Bluetooth menu - O2 blue - Use headset) the Youtube video and audio freezes. Turn the bluetooth off and it starts up again. Real Player and QuickTime work as they should. This was done with .avi and .mov files on both. This happens on both Firefox and Safari. I have un- and re-installled Flash which didn't help. I tried resetting the PRAM but it didn't help. It MIGHT be an Apple failure as my son also tried running Youtube on his Macbook (Tiger) after discovering my headset and it froze on him too. Do any other bluetooth users NOT have this problem??? Anyone know what's really (or even probably) going on?
  9. HappyJoe

    HFS in NTFS drive and TimeMachine via XP

    Life is like that, I suppose. Many thanks for your help, Graham.
  10. HappyJoe

    HFS in NTFS drive and TimeMachine via XP

    BUMP. Is no-one answering because no-one has any experience of this situation? This is hard to believe in these multi-boot days in a world with so many USB drives knocking around! I'd really like to get TM working but only have this device to back up to.
  11. HappyJoe

    Mac window resizing

    Thanks for your responses. Only after posting this did I actually look a bit deeper into this! There are two heresies that make me reach for my pyre matches: one is that 'evolution' is progress and a reaching towards perfection. It's not. It's changes that have occurred (or been made) that have fixed a problem enough for the (animal, software, car) to survive enough for the moment. Another problem, another change (if it's lucky). The other heresy is that all features/characteristics/actions always have a deeper purpose. Seeing a picture of the Virgin Mary in a strangely marked potato, that an apocalyptic message is in the final track of a rock album, etc. Though Apple have a good record of HI research and design, I don't think that the window resizing is a result of it, since having actually Googled some research to my own question. Looking at the 1985 Macs, my guess is that it arose out of the constraints of their tiny screens (8"??) - every pixel of screen space was at a premium - and not bothering to crit the Xerox Palo Alto WIMP interface they copied which had the same little tag. Even the almost-concurrent GEM and Motif UIs had more means of resizing! Also, being v1.0 of a whole new paradigm means it's easy to not get it right first time. And it's stayed, even though it's silly. It's never been questioned enough by the users. The growing droves of switchers who have known better controls might start complaining soon. Or maybe Apple still worries that the MS lawyers will call...? That's my take on it. Maybe we could start making noises that Our Steve will listen to. The silliness of the one-button mouse has been consigned to history...
  12. My Mac mini arrived a few months ago, the generous result of my son's pity after watching me battle with and curse at my latest Linux distro. It was - is - petite, quiet, pretty and good for everything except shoot 'em ups. It has become the machine that I choose to work and laze at. My Windows box only comes on for games when I my earbuds hide the noise and the window has to let the heat out. I don't get the dopey grin that some other Maccies get when they say 'It just works, man!' because, frankly, not always. What the adverts don't tell you is that it sometimes doesn't e.g. missing/broken/unsupported drivers... Mac mini owners also find out the deficiencies of their keyboard, mouse, VDU and printer sockets and how important a new USB hub suddenly becomes! Now what was it about setting up my Canon laser that I wanted to know...?