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  1. Okay, so I stumbled upon a solution myself, and it only took me 2 months: If you just touch the stack, it unstacks. Then there is an option to "Show Less" to restack the alerts.
  2. So there is much that I find useful with iOS 12, but one that I do not find useful is the stacking or threading of banner announcements in the lock screen. How is this at all helpful? It just means that I can only see the most recent from any given source, but that may not be the one that interests me. So my question is: How do I get rid of this useless "feature"? I can't find any way in Notifications, and thus far I haven't found anything in General, and I'm at a loss.
  3. Thanks to you both. I checked those (again), Apple Geek, just to be sure: nothing. After a bit of pondering, car1son, I took your suggestion and used it differently. I've had to make invisible files visible before when my internal music drive and external backup drive both failed within hours of each other, and I had to extract my music files from my iPod. They came out invisible. I also considered the fact that I was several updates behind, even after I had tried installing a new update to cure the problem. Since my bookmarks and such were located elsewhere, I deleted SeaMonkey's 'Application Support' folder. That by itself didn't cure the problem (as I expected), so I installed a newer version of SeaMonkey, which now solved the problem by writing a completely new Application Support folder. I had to fuss with making the connections to my old bookmark (etc.) files and eliminate some duplicates, but that was pretty straightforward.
  4. For some time when I try to open the browser SeaMonkey, I get the following error message: Which is great, but it isn't open; I might even have just restarted my Mac (the desktop G4). I can only assume that there is a file somewhere that has become corrupt somehow. I remember having a problem like this ages ago, on my old Quadra 800 probably, but I don't remember how that problem was resolved, and I suspect that the solution would be different now anyway. So does anyone have any suggestions about how to solve this problem? I'm rather fond of SeaMonkey as a browser and would like to be able to use it again, especially as I'm using Opera as a replacement and it's giving me fits.
  5. I was able to solve it by going to podcasts, and the list with the podcasts in it showed up there, so I set it to sync, but now if I add non-podcasts to the list, I'll have to select it on the music side. I think '"improved"' is how it has to be said. What were they thinking?
  6. I haven't had a chance to figure out what's going on, but iTunes 9 doesn't play nice with playlists with podcasts. I have a playlist that I use to mix podcasts and music (though just now it's all podcasts, I think), and iTunes 9 segregated that playlist under podcasts. Very uncool. Okay, I've work to do, and I won't be able to take my iPod with me because it's now reloading my podcasts (including the MacCast). So, for now at least, I HATE iTunes 9.
  7. Sneaky but effective. Thanks. I had not noticed that. It doesn't seem particularly convenient to me, either. If I have my hand on my mouse, which is probably less than half the time, it would be more convenient to go to 'View' and go to 'Reload Page'. Or so it seems to me now. Thanks also.
  8. Okay, Safari 4 is officially out, and it came as part of a regular update. On the whole I like it very much, though it's only one of 4/5 browsers that I use. There are a couple things that would improve it, imo, both in the toolbar: A reload button, and no (or at least the option to have no) bookmark button. Neither option is available under 'Customize Toolbar'. Does anybody know how I might get either option? Thanks.
  9. Hans

    Sync sent items over POP3?

    I have a solution that might work for you, if'n you're still interested, though some may consider it a bit of a kluge. I have two Macs that I want to sync emails between, one a desktop and the other a laptop, and I use Thunderbird (I never took to Mac's Mail), so that may affect how things work, but here goes: 1. Whenever I send an email, I also automatically send a blind copy (bcc) to myself. Under 'Copies & Folders' in the account settings this step involves checking the box for "Bcc these email addresses:" and entering my email address. 2. I have my mail client (Thunderbird, as I said) set to NOT delete emails upon download. Under 'Server Settings' in the account settings this step involves checking the box "Leave messages on server." Since I'm sometimes away from my desktop for considerable lengths of time, I don't have a set time limit, but I also don't have a limit of how much email I can have in my (main email) account. 3. Then I set up a filter to automatically dump emails from myself, from each specific account, into the 'Sent' folder for that account. There are a couple ways this step can be done, but perhaps the easiest is to select an email sent as a copy, go to 'Message' (at the top line; I forget what it's called, and don't much care) and go to "Create Filter From Message ...". Then direct it to your 'Sent' folder and have it marked as 'Read'. There you have it. Simple. It ain't purty, may be, but it works. It CAN be done using POP. Of course, the actual steps using Mail and Outlook are likely to be different, but I assume all of them can be done. In your case, just the automatic bcc and the filter might be all you need. Though all of it could be done manually, which I used to do a decade ago when I worked it out. (Three things I've never cared for, Mac's Mail, MS's Outlook, and IMAP.)
  10. Okay, I've not seen this problem anywhere else, though I've looked various places (including here). I was downloading a podcast (a reliable one, CommandN) when, as the file was being processed, I got the spinning beachball and iTunes was hung (hanged?). I have tried waiting, quitting and restarting, rebooting, and installing the most recent update. I have been unable to find an old version to replace it with to see if that's the source of the problem. Every time I restart iTunes it immediately becomes hung. The file for the podcast doesn't show up in the finder anywhere that I can find, so I can't remove it. So what I figure is that if I can edit the right file, I can remove the podcast from the (otherwise empty) queue. What file would I edit? How would I edit it? Or is there something else someone can suggest? Thanks for any help.