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  1. The maker of this forum, Invision Power has their own free app that enhances the viewing of forums that use this format.
  2. Gary Indiana! My hometown! If it were me, I would install Photoshop from the disc on the new computer and I would copy the Photoshop preferences file from the old computer to the new one.
  3. iPhoto can be a much cheaper option than Walgreens. A 5X7 from iPhoto is only .49 while at Walgreen it's $1.59. an 8X10 is $1.99 from Apple, $2.99 from Walgreen. 4X6 photos are .12 cents each from both places. Using iPhoto could not be easier. I've used it, it's fast and reliable.
  4. If you check the box in the General section of iTunes preferences, iTunes will check for software updates automatically. Updates for my iPod Touch apps also show up automatically.
  5. I recently had a problem where my MacBook Pro would lockup on startup. I had to use the install disc to get it to do anything. After repairing the permissions, everything ran fine. So it isn't a completely useless thing to do.
  7. Doesn't the Mac Pro have room for 4 internal drives? Why pull the 500 gig drive out? Just install the new drive and use it in addition to the old one. Keep the aps and OS on the original drive and use the new drive for files.
  8. I heard his new liver is smaller and faster than the old one.
  9. Did you check the system prefs - sound, and check the settings there?
  10. If it were me, I'd split the collection up into the individual albums, remove the "metallica collection" album name and replace each group with the original album names. Be sure to uncheck the part of a compilation box. This seems too obvious and probably not what you are looking for, but it would give you more flexibility.
  11. Look at the amp hour ratings. Some are 1750, some are as high as 2100. The higher ratings will last longer between charges. Most people are not aware that while regular AA batteries are 1.5 volts, rechargeables are only 1.2 volts. Not everything, like flashlights work well with rechargeable batteries.
  12. Are there any other symptoms? Is your clock still set for the correct time? Have you replaced the battery on the motherboard? When they get weak, strange things like that start to happen.
  13. The MacBook Pro only has a Firewire 800 port, it does not have a 400. The aluminum MacBooks do not have any Firewire ports, the MacBook White only has a 400.
  14. joshr is right. You can put it on 2 computers. If you try a 3rd, it will tell you that you need an additional license.
  15. See it here!