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  1. saxhorn

    missing bluetooth module

    Took my MacBook into the Apple Store today. The genius zapped my p-ram and the bluetooth icon and functionality reappeared. The reset was accomplished by restarting my computer and holding down ;command-option-R until the chimes sound, then releasing the keys.
  2. saxhorn

    missing bluetooth module

    I recently upgraded my 4 month old macbook to 10.5.8. 2 days ago my bluetooth mouse stopped working. I figured the batteries were low and charged them. Today I tried connecting again, but the computer says no bluetooth hardware is attached. Then I searched my hard drive for bluetooth and found 2 files: bluetooth file exchange and bluetooth firmware update. The firmware update says I have the latest software. So, I tried going through all the steps to pair my mouse (logitech) all over again. When opening the system preferences I found that there was no bluetooth module showing. 1. Is this a fault of the software upgrade (I can't find Rosetta, either)? 2. How do I get a download of bluetooth module for my computer? Thanks,
  3. saxhorn

    Mini DisplayPort output problem

    Thanks. I couldn't find the Arrangement tab, but when I plugged in the cable to the Mac last (instead of first) I got the full screen on the TV. I appreciate your help. Saxhorn
  4. I just purchased a MacBook White 2.0 running 10.5.6. I also purchased a mini DV to DVI adapter so that I could stream video to my HD TV. When hooking up the cables between the MacBook and the TV the only output I get is my desktop picture. There are no menus or desktop files in the TV picture. When I open Safari and run a video nothing shows up on my TV, although it displays just fine on my monitor. How do I correct this? Saxhorn
  5. saxhorn

    streaming video/audio sync

    Thanks, I installed Flash 10, and the performance is better. The video is still jerky, but the picture is contemporaneous with the audio and not lagging by 10s of seconds. My activity usage is through the roof with no extra CPU headroom. Looks like I need to move into the 21st century.
  6. saxhorn

    streaming video/audio sync

    It's better with all other applications besides Safari closed down, but still jerky. At least the sync is closer. Is my only solution a new computer?
  7. saxhorn

    streaming video/audio sync

    Oh, connection. I have 1k dsl.
  8. saxhorn

    streaming video/audio sync

    I have some applications open, like microsoft office, but I'm not running anything like games. I have external speakers and an idle external hard drive on. Is that what you mean?
  9. I have a Mac Mini with Intel core solo running OS X.4.11 with 2 gigs of ram. I am experiencing difficulty viewing streaming videos on my Mac. The video is very slow and jerky, and considerably behind the audio, which runs just fine. What can I do to correct this?
  10. saxhorn

    iTunes 8.1 freeze on opening

    I reinstalled iTunes, and that worked. It still stalled while doing it's genius thing (kinda slow for a genius, maybe they ought to call it MMR). I turned genius off, and now it works fine. Thanks
  11. I updated my iTunes to 8.1 on my Mac Mini (core solo running OS X.4.11). It constantly freezes on opening when accessing the iTunes store and/or using the Genius bar. I am having to force quit and can't use the application at all. How do I correct this? or How can I revert to iTunes 8.0?
  12. saxhorn

    audiobooks in music folder

    Yes, that's easy to do. So, podcasts and audiobooks that are automatically transferred by iTunes go to the correct playlist. How do we manually cause this to happen, and how to we set the self downloaded podcasts and audiobooks to be transferred with the other files?
  13. I download audiobooks as mp3 files from my local library. They are imported into iTunes (8) as music genre, and I have to reset them as audiobooks in the info/options window. Then I drag them into my iPod (3rd gen.). Once they are there I again must reset the genre to audiobook from music. They show up on my desktop iTunes/iPod/Audiobook folder. However, and here's the problem, on my iPod they are in the music folder, not the audiobook folder. How can I get them into my audiobook folder on my iPod?
  14. saxhorn

    Application For Multiple Posts On The Web

    Have you considered "friendfeed"? I receive posts to twitter and facebook from friendfeed. Don't know where else it can be imported.