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  1. Brilliant! Thanks Graham. I did re-erase my external drive, this time with mac os extended (journaled) and then when I went back into Time Machine, VOILA! there was my Extreme Mounted- external disk. BUT... sadly, as soon as I told Time Machine to use this disk, it tried and immediately Failed, due to not being able to mount that disk. It was already mounted. So I Ejected that disk and restarted the Time Machine and it's now happily backing up.... (for the first time, so hopefully 798,946 items later today, it will complete) Thanks for the help!
  2. major sixth

    How to ignore an open Wi-Fi network permanently

    Ok thanks, I think you meant : Go to System Preferences>NETWORK>Advanced..... I figured it out and yes this took care of it. I'm not sure that it will permanently take care of it, because it just deleted the instance(s) of times that I connected to this network accidentally in the past. But time will tell. Thanks for the pointer!
  3. Please be a bit more verbose and explain "wipe the drive with Disk Utility". I unplugged the disk from the Airport Extreme and then plugged it directly into my macbookpro. I started Disk Utility and sure enough, it was formatted at MS-DOS. So I chose "MAC OS Extended" (non-journaled), and chose, "Erase" That erase did work, but when I plugged this drive back into the Airport Extreme, I can still see the disk, read and write to and from it, but Time Machine does not see it. Thanks Graham. I think I need the details of how to use Disk Utility.
  4. Well, I cannot explain why, but I logged in as my other user account and now I can see the Applications just fine. Thanks to all that helped.
  5. I'm on a macbookpro 10.5.4 I have a neighbor that broadcasts his Wi-Fi with no security setup. Consequently, some times when I reboot, I connect to his Wi-Fi and not my Airport Extreme. Now I probably would not find this annoying, except that his signal strength is quite low... But I also don't want to connect to him and be on his network accidentally. So... is there a way to tell my mac to permanently ignore this Wi-Fi and have it search for everything else?
  6. major sixth

    My Book Hard Drives

    Dave: I got two, both from the Apple store. Be careful because WD makes a lot of these My Books. They have the same size drives with multiple types of connections. USB, eSATA, Firewire400 and Firewire800. Around my area, you can ONLY get the Firewire800 from the Apple store. BestBuy, Circuit City and other type stores mainly sell only the USB and eSATA and Firewire400 types. Since you have a Mac, you probably want to get the Firewire800 type only. No need to use USB on a 1Terabyte disk! I use one for Time Machine and the other for my iMovie and iDVD projects. So far they have worked very well.
  7. OK, my second "switcher", probably more "noob" post. I have macbookpro, leopard 10.5.4 I have airport extreme, with firmware 7.3.2 In the airport extreme USB is an external 300GB disk, previously formatted for mac by plugging disk directly into my macbookpro, and then back into the airport extreme. My macbookpro normally connects to my LAN wirelessly via the airport extreme. The airport extreme is configured as a "bridge" and I get all my IP addrs via my DHCP enabled DSL modem/router. In Finder, I can see the 300GB disk under the Shared section, I can move files to and from this share. Unfortunately, under Time Machine, I cannot "see" or select this 300GB disk to be used by Time Machine. Again, it works fine in MacOS storing files. I am confused as to whether or not I should even expect Time Machine to work with this Airport Extreme connected USB 300GB disk. I've only recently "found" the maccast and after listening to the last 3 most recent ones, I've started with the casts from March 2008 and am catching up one at a time. Lots of good stuff in there. Seems that Adam mentions back in April 2008 timeframe that 10.5.2 supported this. My question: I am confused as to whether I have configured something wrong or if this is simply not supported. "this" meaning, using Time Machine with the USB disk connected via the Airport Extreme. thoughts?
  8. I "switched" (from Windoze) back in December 2007. Since that time, I've ramped up my knowledge of mac quickly (no surprise, I've been a unix sysadmin for 15 years). Recently, when I was going to teach a class from my mac, by projecting the screen, I thought I would create a new user account. I wanted a "fresh" clean desktop and more importantly did not want to have to cleanup my normal desktop, etc. Creating the new account was easy enough, but once I logged in, none of the installed applications are there. The Apps folder had just the basics. Now I know the apps are on the disk, but why doesn't a new user have access to the installed apps? Is there a quick way to sym-link the apps from my old account to the new account? I hate to use this comparison, but on Windoze, once you install the application, usually any other account also can execute the program. It seems wasteful to have to install multiple copies of say Adium or Firefox for each iteration of login user account. Please help me understand! Thanks!