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  1. I constantly need to work with multiple windows. Is there a way for me to be able to resize all the windows like expose would?
  2. captain118

    Automator & Scanner

    Are there any scanners that work with automator? I have a large amount of documents/photos/slides that I need to scan in and I want to use automator to work with the scanning and filing. If there are not is there a way I can create custom automator actions for this?
  3. captain118

    iTunes 8

    My favorite feature is the new security they added. Once I did the latest patch it changed all my permissions to the library and files to read only.
  4. captain118

    audiobooks on ipod

    I've had the same inconvenience. I have resorted to changing the title of all of my audio books. You may want to look at some scripting method. Check out Dougs Apple Scripts. He has some good scripts I used. If you find a better way let me know.
  5. captain118

    Money Management on the Mac

    Thanks for the suggestions, I am evaluating quicken. It provides investment and budget tracking with the capabilities of downloading the transactions automatically.
  6. captain118

    Money Management on the Mac

    What software is recommended for budget and investment tracking on the mac?