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  1. Evan

    Names for the "spinning gear"

    I have always just called it the spinning cog. Not the most exciting name for it, but people always seem to know what I am talking about.
  2. Evan

    HD Apps?

    I don't really see why they are labeled as HD. But it doesn't really bother me that they are. I think we will regret it in a year or two when the iPad truly is HD, and we have already used the tag "HD" on these non HD apps..
  3. Evan

    Are you happy?

    I got the 32GB 3G iPad a week ago. So far I really love it. I use it mainly for Twitter and web browsing. But I have also done a fair amount Of gaming on it. I find typing on it to be a breeze and very enjoyable. I haven't done much ibooks reading with it, but I checked out the iBooks app and read a few pages, and it seems like it would definitely be something I could sit down and read for a few hours with no problem. When I first got the iPad I noticed the weight of it a bit, but after using it for a week I don't notice that any more, and it feels very nice in my hands. At first I was debating whether or not it was something I really needed, but after using it for a few days with it I am going to the iPad for web browsing instead of the MacBook, it's just a better experience IMO. The things that app developers are able to do with all this extras screen real estate is really quite amazing, I can really see this platform exploding over the next 6 months to a year. The iPad begs for an always active Internet connection. If I had a wifi inky model my views on the iPad would be very different, and I could see myself getting frustrated with a wifi only limitation. I just have the 250MB data plan for now. the other day I did about an hour of web browsing (no video, just regular web pages) and that used about 20MB of data. So the 250MB would go pretty quick, but if you only need it for an hour or two a week it should be enough. I give the ipad a thumbs up, and would recommend picking one up if you have the means.
  4. Evan

    iPhone battery backup

    I have the denim bluepack S3. It's not one of the ones that plugs directly into the dock connector, but instead has a USB port on it to plug your iphone into. It's 2600mAh and I can charge my iPhone 3G from bottom to top twice with it. It also has an LED light build into it, which might come in handy at some point. I bought it through richardsolo.com
  5. Evan

    Which iPad will you be buying?

    I've got the 32GB wifi + 3G. It's the sweet spot IMO.
  6. Evan

    Got my new Macbook

    Cool, Enjoy your mac.