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  1. the_macandreo

    Need Help, but doesn't "fit" anywhere else

    Don't know if your still interested but here's a blank tab I made in Photoshop.
  2. the_macandreo

    Song on the Powermac G5 Intro

    The song you're looking for is Fatboy Slim's 'Weapon of Choice' or 'Right Here, Right Now' also by Fatboy Slim
  3. the_macandreo

    Record movies of your screen

    Thanks for the feedback guys All the software looks great however does anyone have a freeware alternative?
  4. the_macandreo

    Record movies of your screen

    Does anyone know a way to record movies of your desktop using preferably freeware software ?
  5. the_macandreo

    Mac Jokes

    Here's another video If only this was real
  6. the_macandreo

    Use the dock with your keyboard

    A handy little trick that I wasn't aware of until today is that if you press control+F3 you select an item on the dock (the finder as default). You can then go along the dock by pressing the arrow keys. This of course means that you can effectivly with the combined use of ctrl+F2 just throw out your mouse.
  7. the_macandreo

    Apple may port Cocoa to Windows?

    Sorry I understand now. My mistake, but it will still mean that hopefully there will be more os x developers as cocoa will now work with windows and like it said in the article, developers will (hopefullly) be lured to mac os x.
  8. the_macandreo

    Security Agent

    That is the weirdest thing ever. I can only assume that OS X may be customized exclusively for the armed forces
  9. the_macandreo

    Apple may port Cocoa to Windows?

    If that happened than it would be the end for windows as the main reason people stick with windows is because 'it's got software I need and I know how to use it'. So if this wasn't the case there would be absolutly no reason to stick to windows. Roll on Universal Binarie. Woo Hoo
  10. the_macandreo

    extracting audio from DVD

    Audio Hijack Pro would also work for recording sound off a dvd while playing.
  11. the_macandreo

    Apple Remote Desktop for Linux ?

    Thanks for the advice, its much appreciated. But what a strange name . Once again thanks for your input guys.
  12. the_macandreo

    Apple Remote Desktop for Linux ?

    Thanks alot it looks great for Mac OS X do you dowload the UNIX download ?
  13. the_macandreo

    Apple Remote Desktop for Linux ?

    I was wondering if there is a way to view a Linux desktop on a mac just like you can do with Apple Remote Desktop. Not an emulator just connecting up to a linux pc and controlling it. There is Windows OS Viewing Mac Program directly from Microsoft. So there must be one for a Macs who want to view and control Linuxs remotely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. the_macandreo

    HP's Take on the iMac G5....

    My school uses those HP iMac whatever they are called computers. They put in the school newsletter that we would be getting space saving computers and this is what we get. And yes they are terrible they've even tried to make it a laptop by making you have to pull the CD drive out and they're so hard to plug in memory sticks to. It has to be the most unimaginative design i've ever seen. Ah well better luck next time HP !!
  15. the_macandreo

    Yahoo! Messenger.. For mac ...

    Adium is indeed fantastic it's the firefox of the Instant Messaging world. Great Stuff