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  1. Have any of you smart people figured out how to save a workspace? I'm working on my dissertation, and I need multiple files open in different spaces. As it is, I have to remember which files I had open, and then move them to their designated space. I've assigned the applications to their spaces in Spaces settings, but all of each application's individual files open in that one space assigned to the application that opens it. If I have to restart my computer or one of the applications I use, I have to go in and manually open the files and move them back to their spaces. You can see why I'd love to have the ability to load up a particular configuration on demand. Is there an app for this? My friend mentioned Automator, but would I have to be Andy Ihnatko to program it? Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Thanks, guys - as the "'ol fella" in question, I am needing some help in coming up with data recovery options (ouch!). The Applecare person recommended me to drivesavers.com, but I understood that there are other companies that will not void my Applecare. Confirmation? Any recommendations?