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  1. OK.......Here is the deal.


    We have Blacberries at work.....just so happens I am in charge of the phones.


    I am able to get an iPhone only if I can make this happen...if not....I will be stuck with my Curve 8310 forever.


    I work in IT (I bet you figured that out with my above statement) and I get Help Desk tickets through email. What I need to be able to do is know that the emails are Help Desk Tickets.

    The emails are sent with a high priority and we are able to handled by our Blackberries as a "Level 1 Notification" and this has a different tone that the usual email. We also have setup that if the email is from a certain address they are marked as Level 1 and have the separate tone.


    Is there a way to have different ringtones for either different addresses or high priority messages? The other high priority messages are so far and few that false positives are a non issue to me.

  2. I ended up using a workflow in automater and saved it as an iCal event. Open Automater and add "Get Specified Finder Items". Add the file you need to print. Add it "Print Finder Items" and choose the printer you want. Choose File > Save as Plugin and save it as an iCal event. Change the time as needed.





    The kids were completely convinced it was him.


    I named the files and print jobs "2008 Taxes" just incase they found them or spotted me working with them. The first one printed out Sunday at 9:00 A.M. And we made sure thy were all hanging out by the computer. It is really easy because it is in the living room. They were "Lured" in there to make a wish list. The second one printed about 3:00 P.M. To drive it home.


    All beds were made, all toys were cleaned up, one of them even offered to do the dishes....I am not a fan of having them do housework, but picking up after themselves is fine by me. I would rather them pick up after themselves a and help out with the other stuff. After all, how good a job can a 6 year old do?


    First one:



    Christmas is almost here and we at the North Pole are getting ready.

    Remember I am especially watching you now.




    Lila, I noticed that you have been on my website and I appreciate it. Be good and listen to the adults…..remember that they are in charge.

    Louis, Behave and listen to Jane, Dad, Mom.

    Aleigha, I noticed you have a little problem and I hope you figure it out soon.

    I will see all of you this December.

    Do me a favor, make a wish list and give it to your Mom or Dad and they can mail it to me…….they know how to get in touch with me.

    So far you are ALL being good, keep it up.






    Second one: