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  1. Hi! I have a very strange problem with my MSN messenger on my iMac. I always have an sound alert when someone comes online or when I get an email. But since about 1 week the alert that tells me someone in my messenger list comes online doesn't work anymore. All the other alerts do and when I check in the preferences of messenger, all the alerts are checked and working. I did already a complete cleaning of my system with Onyx, I reinstalled all my audio software and Messenger, still the problem is exactly the same: All the alerts are working except when someone comes online in my messenger list. It sounds maybe unimportant but for me it is not. Does someone know how to repair this? When I look in my audio midi preferences in the utilities folder, I noticed that the audio output on the right side of the windows is grayed out, so I cannot move that volume slider. I am not sure if this is supposed to be like this. My music and video playback work fine. André
  2. Hi! I made a smart playlist based on a category. However, the list contains a lot of times the same song. Is it possible to automatically exclude doubles that will be added by itself during time? André