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    Airport Alternative

    yea i figured so. i was just wondering if there was anything out there that would do both. One More Question, if i get an apple tv, will it play movies in avi format?? Thanks
  2. Joe Momma

    Airport Alternative

    So im kinda new to this but i was looking at the airport express and the airport extreme. But i liked that i could hook up my computer to my stereo using AP Express but i also liked that i could i could hook up an external hard drive to make it wireless using the AP Extreme. so it seems that its either one or the other. i was wondering if anyone knows of a way that i'd be able to do both. maybe an alternative to Airport?? I wouldn't mind getting the AP extreme to get the wireless hard drive. but do you know of anyway that i'd be able to wirelessly hook up my mac to my tv. to watch movies on it and listen to music?? Any help would be great. Thank you.