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    I would like your opinions on which of these you think is the best for developing RIA's.
  2. Iy42

    Shortcuts on Desktop

    I would like to have folders show up on my desktop screen but I don't want them to physically be in my desktop folder. Is there any way to create a shortcuts that will allow me to navigate to a folder from my desktop but for it not to be in the folder?
  3. Iy42

    Strange Black Box Outlines

    thanks, thats stopped it.
  4. Recently strange black outlines have started surrounding places where I can either click or type in. There's one around the finder window and one around the text box I'm working in now. In Safari when I scroll up and down the box moves as if its not actually part of the page. I have the same things on my album art in iTunes. Can someone please tell me what's going on?
  5. I'm a new mac user and I've been getting really helpful advice here so I wanted to ask this question. I am used to the simple windows xp maximize button which makes the window go fullscreen. On Leopard my windows automatically open small and I'm not sure how to make them fullscreen. Can anyone tell me?
  6. Iy42


    I have iWork which is good for more complex stuff and integration with apple software but for quick and easy to use software, NeoOffice is great. And its free too, which is always a plus.
  7. Iy42

    If you had $2000 to spare...

    You really can't have enough Macs, stuff the iPods and the iTunes contents and the ice cream, get a mac.
  8. Iy42

    Mac Tablet

    I would buy it so that I could pretend to be in Star Trek.
  9. Iy42

    Favorite Software

    Camino Gimp Finale Notepad Skype NeoOffice
  10. I think the mac ads are a bit harsh on microsoft and have never made me want to get a mac. The ads should just be like demos on the apple sites.
  11. Iy42

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    Text Edit Quicktime Automator iDVD
  12. Iy42

    Australia: iPod touch or iPhone

    I don't have an iPhone or iPod touch myself but I use iPhones a lot. I think if your priority is space, playing movies and having room for songs and documents, then I would go with the iPod, but if you want a small iPod plus a phone, then an iPhone. Personally, I think the iPhone is very limiting and doesn't have all the features of many phones on the market, but I still love apple products and it looks wonderful and has a great interface. I think its worst feature is its phone and I've had problems using it, but the 3g ones are probably better.
  13. Iy42

    Camino or Safari

    I like the look of Safari and its great integration with other mac apps, but I still use Firefox and Camino because of compatibility issues.
  14. Iy42

    Mac version-behind?

    As we saw with Vista, a new system isn't always a better system. I like Mac OS 1O and I'm not holding my breath for OS 11, but if Apple does come out with something better then that'll be great too.
  15. I'd like to hear about more podcasts, but if you don't like them you can just skip them.