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  1. Thanks for all your help, I actually decided to cut my losses and since I still have the old drive I SuperDuper'd the old drive to the new one, time machine helped recover any files from the past couple of days. So now I'm back where I was two days ago but it all works at least, I still wish I knew what the cause of the problem was though...
  2. Thanks guys, car1son: websharing and firewall are both ok, I tried using but no luck and it seems there is no apache log in /var/log/ ?? thanks for the advice though. Graham: I'l look into using MAMP, sounds like a good solution thanks.
  3. I hope someone might be able to help me, I recently upgraded my powerbook HD and used Time Machine to restore the system. It all seemed to work (besides some permissions issues), however now I am unable to view my local websites (in ~User/Sites/ folder) or any of the apache services by entering my local IP in safari. Safari fails to connect with the error "can't find host". This feature is very usefull as I use it for web development to preview my websites, I guess something was corrupted or not written during the restore. I feel I have tried everything I know, I have repaired permissions, reinstalled the latest combo update and used another account but no luck. This is not a hardware issue as it works with an external install of 10.5.5. Any suggestions welcome, otherwise it looks like a full re-install of osx.