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  1. blue9

    Monolingual ( Free )

    Monolingual is a program for removing unnecessary language resources from Mac OS X, in order to reclaim several hundred megabytes of disk space. It requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) and also works on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Grab a free copy here http://monolingual.sourceforge.net/index.php
  2. blue9

    NEW Chips for MacBooks

    From one of my Apple people I deal with.. have said any MacBook you order from today you will have to wait 2 weeks or more but receive the New Chip upgrade free of charge.... ( imac and mini might go as well )....
  3. blue9

    Mac OS X Leopard

    Hello all, Sorry if this has been asked already... Has any one out there heard or read if this New OS will run on the older PPC Chips ?? Cheers for any feedback...
  4. Hello all, I find this Pod Cast to be pretty cool although for a PodCast that is downloaded from all who can understand the English language, which covers a pretty large area of the world it seems to be focused alot of the time on hardware like Tivo which is a product for the US.. Maybe most of you who listen out there are in the US... Maybe Adam you could you could check out other products that work for the world and yes I have heard enough about your TV shows in iTunes only avail... in the US.... Also Adam please do not forget the folk who can not afford a New Mac on every launch.. Jobs heads.. So bootcamp is great but I'm sure there are more listeners out there who have older Macs, so maybe you could boot ( bootcamp ) away from some of your shows.... Thanks for any feedback *****
  5. By the way the new info is that there will be the Macbook Pro 17" sooner as expected look out for 1st of april Apple has 30th birthday and 100% there is a keynote.
  6. Stay clear of this one, I'm on my 3rd Mighty Mouse from Apple, very light, cheap and nasty. I used the Bluetooth before this which was made very well but the Batteries bill was costing lots of Money as 1 week and mine were dead. So then came the Mighty Mouse, very light, and not what I would call good Quality !! The scroll wheel lasted 2 - 3 weeks before not working anymore. Apple have taken a step backwards here. feels like a 5 dollar Mouse not a 50 buck one. 2/10 **