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  1. I am getting ready to launch a pod cast http://www.theillustrativedesigner.com and I am trying to figure out what I need to get to record phone conversations? I don't want to use Skype, I'd rather buy some device I could hook up to my MAC and record the conversation using GarageBand. Could someone suggest specific products or a web site that might talk about doing this? Thanks a bunch.
  2. My buddy Tony Knight is a systems manager the takes care of MACS for a design firm. The following is his method for doing system updates. The instructions below have 10.4.6 but the methodology applies to any system update so this is something you'll want to print out and save. Tonys method: This is general installation instructions for anyone that wants to update their system, if they want to do so on their own. :-) This is the very safest way to install dot x system upgrades. (like 10.4.6...i.e. 10.4.x) I recommend to never use the 'Software Updater' to update the main system...it is mostly OK for other things like iPod updates, iTunes, security updates, but for main system updates...it almost always seems to cause problems for people. The system should be clean and bug free before slapping an update over the top of something that may have a flaw or glitch. A) Download the latest Tiger Cache Cleaner. http://www.northernsoftworks.com/downloads/tcc.bin Then copy it to your Utilities folder and tell it to 'replace' the old one. B ) Always...always download the full 'Combo Updater' from Apple. It will always be called 'Combo' no matter what version it is. Download the standalone version of Mac OS X 10.4.6 and save it for later. http://wsidecar.apple.com/cgi-bin/nph-reg3...bo10.4.6PPC.dmg C) Fix Permissions. By going to Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility. Click on your start drive at the left and then click 'Repair Disk Permisssion'. Quit the application when finished. D) Dismount from the desktop any extra USB or FireWire devices. (Hard Drives, iPods, etc.) Once they are dismounted unplug all extra USB and FireWire devices. E) Put DiskWarrior in you CD drive and restart. Wait until you hear the start up sound then hold the 'C' key down until you see the spinning thing under the Apple. Then Select the drive and tell it to fix and replace everything it suggests. F) Restart, and do two things at once. 1) Hold the mouse button down. (This will kick out the CD) 2) Hold down the 'Shift' key. (Which will boot the machine in 'Safe Mode'. (Which turns off everything Suitcase, Calendars, auto launch applications etc.) G) Apply the update (Mac OS X 10.4.6) and restart when prompted, this time without holding the "Shift" key. H) Again, repair permissions using Disk Utility...it will come up with a bunch of things mostly from widgets. I) Be happy. :-) Tony Knight Systems Manager
  3. vonster

    Strange File in my User Folder?

    I am a knob. Somehow I accidently dragged my Library folder into another folder thus all my presets dissapeared etc. I fixed it. Thanks though.
  4. I open up Transmit today to upload some files to my server and notice a file in the left pane called 'Opera 7 Preferences.new'. I've never used Opera and I didn't put that file there so I dragged it to the trash and deleted it. Well all my preset login setting for Transmit are gone. All my Address book contacts are gone. So when I type a message in Mail and instead of adding a name in the address field why I type it doesn't do anything because nothing except myself is in the Address book now? I sync with my iBook, is there any way I can recover this stuff? I just called a so-called MAC IT guy here and town and has like "Uh, not sure what your talking about? I don't know how to resolve that?" Nice. I am dead in the water and need some help can someone let me know how to pull my address book information off my iBook and I have the same logins for Transmit on my iBook too how do I get those. I am not sure where to look and such? Ugh, I am lost and feel like stupid PC user now. If someone can email me detailed instructions at: info@vonster.com I'll buy you an iTunes gift card. I am desperate and under a tight deadline too. Thanks. Von
  5. vonster

    A few basic MAC questions

    Question 1: I just hooked up a new external FW HD. How do I get Spotlight to index the content? Question 2: I use an app called 'Personal Backup' that runs a script that backs up my work files each night. Does anyone know of another app I could use that would auto dis-mount my external FW HD and shut it off at a preset time? Thanks. Von
  6. With the dawn of easier podcasting via GarageBand now I want to do a step by step illustration podcast geared for graphic designers who don't consider themselve illustrators. Since you can showcase pictures along with the podcast I can literally show each step and explain it. I've never done radio so I have no clue as the microphone I'd need. Is the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone a decent one? Can any of you suggest a good mic I should consider? Thanks. Von
  7. Every night my 'Personal Backup' app backs up my work folder named 'GS FILE ARCHIVE' to an external HD. This folder contains all the projects I've worked on over the past year. I just burnt a DVD of the 'GS FILE ARCHIVE' fine. I am now trying to delete the backup copy of it off the FWHD and I am getting the following message: "The operation cannot be completed because the item "PROJECT_NAME" is in use." I don't understand? That file isn't in use? I did a Command 'i' and changed permissions on all content within 'GS FILE ARCHIVE' to read & write but it still gives me the above message? How can I resolve this? I am stuck. Thank you for any assistance.
  8. vonster

    Subscribing to Video Content

    Exactly! I'd buy that for a dollar! Ok....$1.99
  9. vonster

    Subscribing to Video Content

    Yeah I agree even if it was an email auto-sent and you could click a link to approve and everything else would be automatic based on a preference set up.
  10. Now that you can buy episodes of your favorite TV shows for $1.99 I wish they'd have a 'SUBSCRIBE' feature for them. I'd like to just subscribe to 'BattleStar Galactica' so anytime a new show goes up my iTunes would purchase the episode automatically and download it. I think this would be a popular feature.
  11. vonster

    FireWire -vs- USB2

    No one said 5G had FW that is you reading into the post. What the gentleman said was compared to the FW version it is roughly 3 times slower and that I can confirm. And no my machine is not screwed up. Using your logic you wouldn't mind the 7G iPod being as slow as a TRS-80 as long as it's as thin as a credit card. :wink:
  12. vonster

    FireWire -vs- USB2

    Frankly I could care less if it's 1/8 inch thicker. The updates happen 300% faster with FW. So does anyone have a link for feature requests for iPods?
  13. vonster

    FireWire -vs- USB2

    If this is USB2 speed it sucks bigtime! I have a PC running XP and the machine is absolute crap compared to my G5. The OS is a turd with a candy coating. I am really dissapointed in this Video iPod. The iPod itself is nice but getting content on it is painful at best. Apple is screwing the pooch on this one.
  14. vonster

    FireWire -vs- USB2

    I just got a new 30GB iPod with Video and the USB2 is dog slow! I have a Dual G5 I bought back in May. Doesn't matter where I plug it in it's still way slower then FireWire. A few questions: 1. How do I determine if I have USB2 functionality? 2. How do I get it if I don't? 3. Why is Apple lowering it's standard by adopting USB2 instead of progressing FW? 4. Why aren't more MAC users complaining about this?
  15. vonster


    Ah a typo. Thanks. It's moving my music between my two laptops and work station. DRM is a major pain. I have never used a P2P service, I pay for all the content I download and I just want to move it easier and with less pain. Thanks man!