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  1. qwerty69

    Give me few good reason to buy Apple TV

    I picked one up on Friday of last week and have not used it for any great period of time but on the whole I'd say spend the money. Granted there isn't anything that you can't do with a few long cables to connect your PC/Mac to the TV but the frontrow experience when you're playing music and have friends round beats having to go back to the Computer to change tracks hands down. I have a number of Podcasts (both Video and Audio) that I subscribe to and it's good to be able to watch/listen to them on my TV/Stereo while my Girlfriend uses the computer at the same time. The real reason I bought the device was because I'm moving to a bigger house and the Computer will not be close to my TV; for this reason alone I feel that the Apple TV is worth the money as it will enable me to access my media content directly from my TV. If you've read my other post the only issue I have with the device is that it will not stay wirelessly connected to my Network but I'll get that sorted in due course.
  2. qwerty69

    Apple TV Wireless Connection Problems

    I haven't tried yet but I will do next week. I thought it must be something to do with the settings in either Norton or my router and will repost when I've messed about some more.
  3. I've just purchased an Apple TV and am experiencing issues connecting it with my Windows PC (haven't tried my Macbook yet) via the wireless connection. The Apple TV identifies my Network, accepts the password, makes the required connection and then appears as a device in iTunes but after a short period of time (less than 2 minutes) the Apple TV disappears from iTunes and is no longer connected to the Network. My PC is running Windows XP Pro and Norton Internet Security 2005 and I have a Belkin router to handle the wireless part of things. I currently have the Apple TV connected via Ethernet and everything appears to be OK, but that really defeats the point of having a Wireless Media Server like Apple TV. Any thoughts?
  4. qwerty69

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    I had a 40gb 3G iPod but lost it recently, I've since upgraded (and downsized) to an Orange 2G Shuffle.
  5. I've decided to relocate my Mac Mini Core Duo upstairs and to connect it to my Goodmans GTV26WLCD Television via the VGA Connection. Does anybody know if there is a way I can set the Video output from the Mini to the native resolution (1366 x 768) of the Screen?
  6. qwerty69

    First and Second Macs

    I wanted to buy a Mac Mini when they first came out but at the time I couldn't merit spending the money, so I held off and kept looking. I was then a little put off by all the roumors that Apple had reved up the speed to 1.5ghz but as I couldn't guarantee that I'd get my hands on one I again held out. Until that was I heard of the move to Intel. When the Intel Mac Mini was released my interest was rekindled but it was not until Bootcamp was released that I made the plunge. I found out about Bootcamp one Wednesday and by the Friday I had the computer in my hands. How it actually happened was that I was in John Lewis in Southampton and they had a 1.66 ghz model in stock. Trouble is I live in Glasgow and I either had to take it with me on the flight home or hold off again. This time though I decided that it was a mini and as such the box couldn't be that big so I bought the machine and took it back with me. I love it. -- Since then I decided I wanted a Laptop and when the Macbook came out I bought one again from John Lewis (this time in Glasgow) but unfortunately the first one I received had a locked pixel in the centre of the screen so it went back the next day. I had no problems getting a replacement and I have to say that this one is superb. Over the past few weeks I've uninstalled Bootcamp from the Mac Mini and have decided to install it on the Macbook which allows me the best of both worlds as I can use OS X whenever I want but can resort to XP when I need to use the Laptop for Work.
  7. qwerty69

    MacBook Glossy Screen

    I have a Macbook and the glossy screen has never caused me any issues. That said I've never used it outside yet but I don't forsee any problems.
  8. qwerty69

    Macbook battery/charging question

    I've never really noticed any degradation of battery life on my Macbook, but I'm never that far from a power outlet however I have noticed that sometimes if the battery is not quite full it won't charge. My work around is to use the computer on battery for a little and then plug it back in to the mains at which point it then charges up fully.
  9. qwerty69

    Firmware updated?

    Try using System Profiler (Finder --> Application --> Utilities --> System Profiler). I updated my Mac Mini and it now shows an SMC Version of 1.3f4
  10. qwerty69

    Which MacBook

    I'm interested in purchasing a 2.0ghz Macbook (to complement my Intel Mac Mini), and am at a loss as to which model to buy. Initially, I wanted to purchase the Blackbook but decided that the extra money was better in my pocket and that I'd opt for the White. This was until I heard of the discoloration issues and now I'm stumped. So lets open this one up to a debate; which should I buy, White, Black or push my budget and opt for the Macbook Pro?
  11. qwerty69

    new spaeakers

    I was faced with a similar purchasing decision recently and opted for a set of Harman Kardon Soundsticks, which I got for about £110 from amazon. Not only do they look good but they sound fantastic.
  12. qwerty69

    Mac Mini - DVI and Screen Res Problems

    The only hardware I have that uses DVI is the Mini. I did actually get it working (for a bit) on the LCD Monitor, but I had to carry out the following: 1. Turn on my PC, boot it up and log in to Windows XP 2. Turn on the Mini, boot it up and log in to OS X (blind) 3. Once both operating systems were up and logged in I had a certain level of success switching the monitor from input to input. If I don't follow the above steps the Mini does not appear to pass a signal to my monitor. I checked on-line and have found a few posts stating that the DVI output that the mini uses has quite a week signal and that this may be an issue. At the same time the cable I have is quite long but I don't want to buy another (shorter one) until I know it'll help.
  13. I recently bought a Mac Mini Core Duo and on the whole I'm very impressed with it, however I have a couple of issues. Question 1 I have a Iiyama ProLite E435S LCD and decided to hook the Mini up to this via the monitors DVI input (using a 1 - 1.5 meter cable I bought from Maplin) which would allow my PC to remain connected via VGA. The problem being that when I connect the Mini via DVI I don't get a signal passing to the monitor (using VGA I have no issues). Initially I thought there must be a problem with the LCD Monitor, but I've tried to connect the Mini to an HD LCD TV that I have (also via DVI) but get the same problem. Any thoughts? Question 2 This brings me to my second question. Currently the Mini is connected to the HD LCD TV via a VGA Input but I am unable to set the resolution to match the native resolution of the TV 1366 x 768. Any ideas?
  14. qwerty69

    Blurred Fonts

    I'm using a ProLite E435S LCD. It does appear to be all text but it's more noticable when you're close up. I first thought that I'd just been on the computer too long and I was getting slight eye strain.
  15. qwerty69

    Blurred Fonts

    I'm new to using the Mac, having bought the Mac Mini Core Duo a couple of weeks back. Can anyone explain why all of the on screen fonts look blurred? To all intents and purposes it looks as though some form of Anti-Aliasing is in effect and I'm curious as to whether this is normal or something I should be trying to resolve.