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  1. BruceG

    Update 10.5.8

    My understanding is that Apple may be releasing Snow Leopard (10.6.0) as early as next month -- September! Therefore, my sense is that this latest version of Mac OS X -- 10.5.8 -- in all probability, may be the last update for just plain Leopard.
  2. BruceG

    iPhone 3.0 update - Voice control

    Thanks for the info. I kinda thought that that may have been the reason. Like many who purchased their original iPhones, I'm thinking of upgrading to the newest 3GS very soon.
  3. BruceG

    iPhone 3.0 update - Voice control

    Have recently updated iPhone OS to 3.0 on my iPhone 2G. Problem encountered: can't bring up Voice Control. I hold down home button and nothing happens. All other 3.0 functions on the 2G work. Has anyone else encountered this issue with their iPhone 2G?
  4. BruceG

    OS 10.5.6 feedback on the installation..?

    Ran the 10.5.6 update on my four year old G4 PowerBook with no trouble, using Software Update. Then ran a maintenace app. called Xupport to clean caches, repair permissions, and fine tune the system.
  5. BruceG

    Virus, is it gone?

    Don't know if you are still experiencing slowdowns with your Leopard OS, but have you tried either of these free general purpose maintenance apps.? I have used Onyx, but I now prefer Xupport. These are all in one programs which will repair permissions, empty all caches; even speed up your system, and both maintain logs of your activity for future reference. They are also easy to configure. Here are the web site URLS: Xupport: http://www.computer-support.ch/ Onyx: http://www.titanium.free.fr/pgs2/english/onyx_leopard.html Hope this helps.
  6. BruceG

    First Gen iPhone Accesories

    Yes, I'm assuming that Apple. and perhaps other companies will be making the first gen. iPhone headset since the new 3G version will be made without that irksome recessed headphone jack. Recall that the first gen. headphone plug is of a special length in order to fit that recessed port, thus preventing standard headset plugs from connecting directly with the phone.
  7. BruceG

    Potential IPhone owner has a couple questions

    Hi Dude, Here's what I learned: I bought a new iPhone last January, having been a long-time Verizon customer. I had then one account with two different phone numbers. My number was the secondary, and I decided to port that number over to AT&T so that I could use my iPhone. Knowing that I risked being zapped with a so-called "early termination" fee, I first checked with Verizon and was told that I was okay. Also, as long as the other number is still on the account, that phone will not be affected. Well, so I did all that, and then with my next billing statement, I found that Verizon had zapped me with an early termination fee of $175.00!!! Well, I was outraged. Calling Verizon did not rectify the matter. They claimed that because I was NOW just 11 days short of the end of my 2-yr contract, I was in violation of the contract agreement and must pony up the full fee. I refused, and finally struck a 'deal' after running into several walls. I offered to sign up for a new 2 yr. contract for my still active primary number, if they would waive that penalty fee. They did agree to that. So, now I have my ported number working on my iPhone with AT&T, and my other phone number with Verizon, and I've been credited the penalty amount, so that I am not being charged a monthly fee for the primary number until such time as the credited amount is used up. So...make certain you know when you can port your phone number to AT&T -- in other words, is your current contract with Verizon close to ending. Otherwise, you may be charged close to 200.00. Additionally, Verizon now claims that if you are running on contract and wish to take a number elsewheres, they can pro-rate you so that you will only be charged for the time starting when you leave the contract. Make sure you get this understanding, or try to do what I did, if that interests you. Early termination fees are the biggest complaints made by cell phone users because they are patently unfair on so many levels. Right now there are at least several class action lawsuits being brought against cell phone providers to eliminate these unjust penalties, and Congress will be hosting hearings on the topic. With regard to NYC coverage, I can't speak personally, as I live in the Washington, DC area. My AT&T coverage is okay, but Verizon appears to have better coverage in my area. Still, I love my iPhone, and it can only get better when the new apps become available in June.
  8. BruceG

    Leopard with G4 chips?

    Thanks for your response. Helps me very much. --BruceG
  9. BruceG

    Leopard with G4 chips?

    I also own a Powerbook, 15", aluminum case, purchased in July of 2004. G4 running at 1.33 GHz and with 1.5 Gigs of ram. Have the latest version of Tiger 10.4.10. Understand there may be a 'final' update to 10.4.11 at around the same time of Leopard's launch. So, would like to read other G4 owners' experiences in upgrading to Leopard 10.5. How fast is the Leopard OS? Any major installation problems? I may wait until early 2008 before replacing my Powerbook with a new MacBook Pro -- and Leopard, but am interested in current G4 owners' experiences with Leopard now.
  10. BruceG

    MacCast Loops

    Have a question re. the subject of Applecare discussed at length on MacLoop show 002. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase another 3 yrs worth of Applecare for your Apple hardware before the original policy ends? When I bought my 15 inch Powerbook G4 in July of 2004, I also got Applecare. Fortunately, I've not had any problems with my machine, but I may hold onto it past the present Applecare policy, which I believe will expire this coming July 2007. I've not seen this issue addressed, and am wondering if anyone may know the answer.
  11. BruceG

    Apple UK Mac ads

    Hi to all the Mac fans in the UK! Luv the ads, tho' not familiar with Mitchell and Webb? Are they a comedy team, or just paired for the Mac ads? Copies of the U.S. ads yes, but, as a Yank, I love British accents!
  12. BruceG

    MacBook shutdown problem

    Craig, Checked out your blog @myburningeyes. Viewed the videoclip pics. What a wonderful, beautiful tribute to your new-born son. And glad to hear that you and your MacBook are doing well. Best.
  13. BruceG

    iTunes 7

    Absolutely. If you look at the posts on the Apple.com support website for iTunes, you will see many, many more complaints and issues associated with using iTunes 7.0. This particular upgrade is especially buggy -- perhaps, as one poster has said due to the rush job to get it available for Steve's presentation. My rule of thumb now is to never download any software title with a ".0" version. I'll wait until there is a .01 or a .1 so that most of the bugs can hopefully be addressed. So I'm sure that the folks at Apple are now working overtime to release the next iteration. Look, iTunes, along with the iPod has largely been responsible for turning Apple around. So it is a big investment and money-maker for Jobs and company to get it right.
  14. BruceG

    New iPods are a dissappointment?

    To all my fellow UK MacCast geeks: be patient, as they say. I believe Steve said in his remarks today, that the full array of movies, tv, etc. now being offered on iTunes USA will be available internationally, early part of 2007. That's only several months away.