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  1. I have almost finished getting all my stuff from my old iMac G5 to my new 24" 3.06 iMac. Something peculiar - When I open excel files from gmail, they go to the folder as an .xls.xlt file and, thusly do not open. If I forward this same file to my entourage "popped" account, it will open via Excel without a problem. What is the deal? Thanks WJ
  2. I am having trouble making my default mail server icon recognize my tx.rr.com email account. Anybody have a step-by-step? Thanks W Jones
  3. I am going to get a Mac Pro 8-Core 3.0, and swap the 500GB drive to the second bay, placing a 10K rpm raptor S-ATA in the primary drive slot. I plan to use super-duper (or similar) to get the image off the factory 500GB before I do the swap. (This, all in the name of speed!) Anyway, when I put the 500GB in bay #2, do I need to change any pin settings (etc.) to make it run correctly (e.g. the computer not seeing it as a primary drive)? Thanks WJ P.S. Also, if anyone sees any flawed thinking with this plan, please let me know. I plan to do this in Feb (after macworld) and plans are quite changeable at this time.
  4. sublimaze1

    MacBook Memory Upgrade

    That, my friend, is an understatement! I have upgraded memory / HD / video card / and the list goes on ... in everything from Dell to Gateway to iMac to 286 based machines (remember them?) and BY FAR, the mac mini was the hardest! - prying it open is a BEAR - getting all the screws back in is a BEAR - re-prying it open because you forgot to reattach the cooling fan power - re-prying it open a SECOND TIME because you forgot to re-attach the airport antenna - slicing your finger on the razor sharp clamps that hold the memory in. That is just to start. But I WON! W J
  5. sublimaze1

    MacBook Memory Upgrade

    Anyone upgraded their own MacBook memory? Is it difficult? (just for comparison - I just upgraded my mac mini to 2GB). Thanks W J
  6. sublimaze1

    intel mac mini memory upgrade (pulling hair out)

    okay, humility on I had not pressed down hard enough on the black frame to get the HD controller to seat. All is well Pressing on. W J
  7. getting the folder - no beeps on install Old memory (basic) 256MB 1RX16 PC2-5300S-555-12 - the hynix Korea stuff that is in all my macs New purchased (just today) memory PSD22G667SK (patriot) The old memory is a two chip 256 each The new memory is a kit (total 2GB) SoDimm 2GB PC2-5300 CLS, hence two 1GB modules. Help. WJ
  8. This keeps poppin up on my wife's user account What the heck is it and how do I get it to stop?
  9. sublimaze1

    Upgrading my hard drive

    I guess what I am asking (USB versus Fire Wire) is: - I have a USB enclosure lying around the house. $39 is $39, and if I 'have' to get the Fire Wire, so be it, but if the USB will work just fine, then I'd prefer just having to buy one less peripheral
  10. sublimaze1

    Upgrading my hard drive

    Purpose of my iMac is (in order of use) - podcasting (creation) - iDVD / iMovie (creating kids videos and such) - web browsing - e.mail - excel files - web based kids games (webkinz, club penguin) - for the girls. As for the USB issue ...... ... yes,I'm aware you cannot boot from the USB in the iMac G5, but can I use the enclosure to create the cloned bootable drive and then swap it in? W J
  11. sublimaze1

    Upgrading my hard drive

    I plan to use super duper or cloner to buy a larger SATA drive and a firewire enclosure to clone my hard drive. I then want to replace the 160 with the ___GB HD that I will buy. Any suggestions or pitfalls you can think I need to avoid? Can you do this with a USB2.0 enclosure (I have one sitting around the house) or do I need firewire? I plan to buy 7200 rpm - do I need better? Can I get away with less? Thanks W J
  12. sublimaze1

    mpeg, avi --> imovie

    Okay, I am baffled. not only are my avi files not working (they never did) but all my mpg files are not being opened by quicktime. "File format not supported" These have always opened. Any help?
  13. sublimaze1

    mpeg, avi --> imovie

    Thanks ... I'll let you know how it worked ....
  14. sublimaze1

    mpeg, avi --> imovie

    Long time ago, I converted some DV stuff of the kids to mpeg. Did this with a pc getting around to making them into movies / dvds, I have found that they are all incompatible. They run under my VLC client, but not under quicktime or imovie I also have a Casio digital camera that I have snapped a few avi clips which are also terribly incompatible anyway, I need a program that will take ALL these files and convert them to useable mpeg or even mov files that imovie will accept so that I can get these nine years of kids videotaped (is that word still legal) stuff onto DVD and archived. Thanks WJ
  15. sublimaze1

    iPhoto - auto launch

    how do I get iPhoto to stop auto launching each time I put in the SD card? Thanks