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  1. moviejunkie

    why my iBook so slow?

    thanks for all, you guys are great. I'm too lazy and tech-peasant-ish to actually go find out a root cause (though totally agree with Steve), guess i'll just go buy more ram, it only costs 400RMB(US$50) for 512MB here. thanks again. i'll surely come back with more questions some other time
  2. moviejunkie

    why my iBook so slow?

    my ibook is brand new, standard G4...ridiculous that it runs so slow after only a few months - 100 yrs back, my old old pc ran faster than my current ibook and it's 64MB!! r Apple computers alway so demanding when it comes to memory??? alas, can't imagine what a disaster it'll be if i run any big application... i do love Apple but this is so disappointing...
  3. moviejunkie

    why my iBook so slow?

    my iBook G4 is only several mths old (250MB) and it's getting slower and slower! applications usually takes almost 1 min to open, if typing, sometimes the cursor won't pop up for whole 2 minutes! i'm not running anything big on it (mostly it's just surfing internet, checking email or listening to podcasting). Is this normal? shall I just get extra memory??? thanks if any help!