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  1. ansfrid

    Apple Event - New iPods !!

    I don't mind the new nano at all actually....except that I have no desire to put video on my iPod. My iPod is for when I am on the go. Video, I watch at home. I have a nano (the older glossy white one), which has been acting a bit flaky. I need to think quickly about whether I want another of the "old" metal models. As I say, I don't mind the new design, but I do prefer the narrower profile for *my* purposes, and I might be able to score a price drop too. The new shuffle colours however....bleh! Old colours were waaaay better. I am tempted to get an orange shuffle on general principle now...even though I don't want a shuffle.
  2. Oh boy I hope someone can help me. My keyboard has partially stopped working, for just one user account. Let me explain. Login screen, all is well. Admin account (which is where I am now), all is fine. My wife's user account, fine. My regular operating account...it partly works. First, everything else that I can tell is fine. Mouse can be used, applications can run, internet connection good. I can Command-Tab, I can Command-apostrophe, I can use expose (F9-F11), I can use the volume control buttons at the top right. I cannot use the number pad, or any letter keys....at all. No response, again, just that one user account. Let's make this weirder. I open up the international settings, input menu tab, and enable the Keyboard viewer.... Admin account - normal, as expected, I can see the viewer it responds. On my own account....several of my icons in the top right of the screen on the bar dissapear (bluetooth, airport, user switching, my clock...1 or 2 more), but not all (my adium status is still there, and my skype status, plus my gmail counter). My spotlight icon begins to blink, and the international preferences menu that I want, is of course also gone. If I turn off keyboard viewer, they all come back. I have tried closing all programs except textedit as a testing area, no good. I have patched, just downloaded the latest security update today (but my problems existed before that, so that's not what broke it). I have gone into activity monitor and one by one shut down every task I could and still stay logged in, no good. I have no idea what else to try. I am loathe to set up another account for myself, since I have a heck of a lot of personal data, documents, pictures etc... in my user folders. It's be a pain in the ass to move it all. help?
  3. ansfrid

    Pages/Garageband unuseable

    A while ago, I tried out Apple's Pages program. It was basically unuseable for me at the time. It would constantly beachball. I would get less than 5 seconds of useable time, and it would beachball for at least 5 seconds, and did this constantly, until I quit the application. I even tried leaving it open for a fair time, 15 or 20 minutes, but it was still doing it when I got back to it. I chalked it up to a fault of the program, even though other mac users I talked to never experienced that. I never got such a behaviour from any other program, including MS Word, so MS Word it was. Yesterday, I tried Garageband for the first time....exact same behaviour. It beachballs constantly. In between those lags, I can interact normally, I can play, press record, and it does record, but the beachball comes up ALL the time, the program is useless. This does not have happen in iTunes, iPhoto, MS Office, any browser, VLC, or any other of many programs I use regularly, they are just fine. My mac is an intel iMac, about 6 months old, all software updates up to snuff. I have no idea why these 2 programs are an issue. The one commonality I did notice, both programs came up by default with the media browser, showing my iPhoto libray, iTunes library, etc..., but the problem persists if I hide the media browser. This time, I decided to check my activity monitor. Garageband was running at around 150% cpu useage....a fact which I have to assume refers to the dual core of the system (so 150% or 200%?). Why would it run that high when I wasn't even recording? Any ideas?
  4. ansfrid

    What Blog Site do you use?

  5. ansfrid

    I need a printer/scanner

    I am pondering getting a new printer/scanner. Right now, I have 2 seperate units, the printer works, but is slooooow, and so far I cannot get the scanner to even talk to my mac (it harkens from when I had a PC, and even there, it wasn't great). In the interest of space economy, I wouldn't mind having both in one unit. The problem is that there is only a metric heapload of choices. I want it to mesh smoothly with osx (obviously), and it's not always clear how much mac support a given machine may have. My requirements are not huge. I wouldn't an adequate printing speed, colour would be handy, but not even strictly required (except I think they all do colour these days), but I don't need any 50 page per minute printer here. If it gave me a page in less than 5 seconds, that will probably be plenty. Are there any decent mac aligned hardware review sites I haven't found yet? Do you have a personal recomendation? I doubt I am willing to spend more than $200 canadian.
  6. ansfrid

    Camino and multimedia files

    Depends on the media file I shoudl think. I know my camino plays mpegs inline just fine, and some WMV files inline, others it downloads though.
  7. ansfrid

    Enter = launch...how?

    Or I can hit apple-o, that's not my point. I was looking for a 1 key launch, and the enter button is really a very logical one...ie: enter the file. Damn. A small hindrance of the mac. Ah well
  8. ansfrid

    Enter = launch...how?

    This seems like the simplest request, but I haven't figured it out. When I select a file in a directory window, I want to launch it when I hit enter....not rename it. I can click Apple-o, that works, but I don't want to have to do that. How do I make the enter key launch the selected file?
  9. ansfrid

    About 85% satisfied but...

    I can download my gmail into my mail app no problem. I don't want to mind you, I far prefer using the online mail browser, but the instructions gmail gives you for the download worked perfectly.
  10. ansfrid

    Homeworld 2

    Homeworld is still one of the best RTS games I have ever played. It only had a few tiny faults. Those faults were universally quashed in Homeworld 2, and it remains at the pinnacle of what I think a quality RTS game can and should be.
  11. ansfrid

    Doom 3 on Mac

    I ran the demo, and while it ran, it was on minimum graphic settings, and was still almost unuseable when I was in a fight or when a lot of graphics were flashing. That's on my mac mini. On an iMac, it may be useable.