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  1. nospoon

    Best DVD conversion software

    You could also use a hardware solution like Elgato's Turbo.264 video encoding device. It offers drag and drop simplicity for converting to a variety of video formats (iPhone, Ipod Touch, Ipod 640x480, Ipod 320x240, Sony PSP and Apple TV). It includes a USB dongle/thumb drive looking device that plugs in and does the actual video encoding/conversion freeing your Mac's processor(s) to do other tasks. It includes some bundled software on a CD that makes the whole thing work, it shows time remaining and frames per second, another great thing is that you can queue up videos to convert and leave it to task. It does direct upload to YouTube as well. http://www.elgato.com/elgato/na/mainmenu/p...roduct1.en.html
  2. nospoon

    iPod Case Recommendation?

    I always used the silicon cases from iSkin, their form fitting with protection in all the right places (including the Click Wheel), and they have hard plastic screen protectors that cover the entire screen included. They even include a belt clip I think. You may need to use something like Sendstation's Dock Extender if you use an Ipod dock or other similar accessory. http://www.iskin.com/products_ipod.tpl http://www.sendstation.com/us/products/dockextender/
  3. Wonder if anyone else has experienced this behavior, I updated iTunes to version 8 via software update and when I opened it after the update I found out that iTunes had deleted tracks (little exclamation point beside the track) from artists that I had purchased in the iTunes Store (protected songs) and songs that I had imported from CD's and other sources. It completely deleted all the songs from one artist too! Good thing I have a backup of my iTunes folder, from before the update. Is this some sort of bug in the new version or what? Thanks.
  4. Hi I'm having a problem and I'm not quite sure how to solve it, Apple Mail crashes on me within a few seconds after I launch it. Here what the Crash Reporter log shows (partial list): Application Specific Information: -[MessageContentController _fetchContentsForMessage:fromStore:withViewingState:] -[MetadataManager getAllCalendarStoreData] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'trying to set a non-ToDo MailboxUid for a ToDo. The MailboxUid for a ToDo must be a ToDosMailboxUid' Thread 10 Crashed: 0 com.apple.CoreFoundation 0x92a360f4 ___TERMINATING_DUE_TO_UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION___ + 4 1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x916850fb objc_exception_throw + 40 2 com.apple.CoreFoundation 0x92a3602b +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 155 3 com.apple.Foundation 0x96afb044 -[NSAssertionHandler handleFailureInMethod:object:file:lineNumber:description:] + 116 Unfortunately I don't know what exactly got corrupted or what I need to do to fix it. Here are my system specs if it will help. Macbook 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo processor, 250Gb HDD, 4Gb RAM running OS 10.5.2 If I need to provide more information please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Hey guys just FYI the Macupdate promo software bundle event including Parallels for Mac software is now up on the MUPromo website. I believe its going to be similiar to the way Macheist does their bundles. Check out some great software from some great third party Mac developers at drastically reduced cost (the total cost of the bundle is less than Parallels alone. ) If your interested in any of the software being offered or just want to get Parallels for cheap, here's a link. Enjoy! http://www.mupromo.com/deal/452/bundle
  6. nospoon

    What is stream.yuv?

    Here's a description of what the .yuv file extension is for image files: Image format that stores colors as Y, U, and V values; Y stores the luminance (or brightness) and U and V store the chrominance (or color) components; can be used to store image color information more accurately than the typical RGB format. And for video files: Video file encoded in the YUV format; stores a sequence of YUV images as a single video file (see above description); may be saved in YUV 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 formats; some YUV video files may be decoded by MPEG-4 and H.264 decoders. These types of files might be opened with something like XnView for image files and MPlayer for video files. http://pagesperso-orange.fr/pierre.g/xnview/enxnview.html http://sourceforge.net/projects/mplayerosx/ hope this helps.
  7. nospoon

    Hardware device for h.264 processing?

    Here a link to the same device for Windows, the Elgato one won't work if you happen to be using it on a PC (maybe you PC loving friends want this capability too.) http://www.adstech.com/products/RDX-160/in...asp?pid=RDX-160
  8. I got a Macbook (2.4Ghz core 2 duo) not a Macbook Pro, but I noticed that the fans run constantly around 1500-1800 rpm, I know Macbook Pro owners were expierencing some weird behavior ( overheating causing random shutdowns) that caused Apple to release an update, I wonder if they updated the Macbooks the same way they did with the Pro models. Anyone else experience this, is this normal and will the fans eventually wear out from running all the time?
  9. nospoon

    Anyone else using a G4 as their main Mac? ...

    I was using a 5 yr old 12" aluminum G4 Pbook (circa sept. 2003) until last week. I just got a shiny black new Macbook, but I still have my Pbook.
  10. Sorry that didn't work I guess I'll call Applecare, maybe I've got a bad remote.
  11. I just got a new Macbook (black 2.4ghz dual core) shipped in yesterday. When I ordered it I also got an Apple 6 button Remote, since they don't bundle these anymore. I was trying to use it with Front Row, it didn't work so I thought well it must not be paired with the computer so I followed apple's instructions in the System Preferences>Security pane and nothing, no pairing icon nada. I checked the battery in the remote, its fine. I found the IR reciever on the Macbook (down by the sleep light) so I know where I should be point the remote. I've pressed and held Menu plus every other button combination I can think of and its just not working. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. nospoon

    Where did all of my space go?

    You might also try using WhatSize to find out what files are taking up so much space. http://www.id-design.com/software/whatsize/index.php It will measure up to 20Gb for free, anything more though and you need a license. Hope this helps!
  13. All I've got to say is: Thanks Apple its about time.
  14. nospoon

    Easter mEgg Hunt promotion

    I just found a link to this and thought I'd share. This is similar to Mac Heist but I personally think its a lot more fun. http://easter.houdahpromo.com/ The promotion runs until March 31st and the codes are valid through April 6th at the participating sites. Enjoy!
  15. Their also great to share a USB printer (without wireless capabilities) with multiple Macs or PC's on a network at "n" speeds. Its also great if you travel a lot and need a portable router or access point to extend your hotel's weak wireless signal or whatever.