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  1. Lozanoj83

    Best portable screen for Ipod?

    Well.. logically.. you can just buy like a DVD screen or some sort of TV that has like a AUX port in it.. buy the iPod AV cables, and just connect it... imo Johnathan
  2. Lozanoj83

    new iPod updater

    iPod updater 6-28-06 fixes bug fixes on iPod with video and also updates nano to work with Nike link as follows http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/ John
  3. Well today my user folder went blaahhH!.... and as a part of that, I had to redo everything but was able to salvage my library folder which in turn, kept my folders together. Now this is my problem, videos I have bought from iTunes dont play, they have a gray screen, even tough I tell it its mine and i authorize it to play it.. any clue wut it could mean? John
  4. Lozanoj83

    Friends of matt

    ill join you later on basden, when i get to my account in my mac, my bro is using my comp so i cant use skype and talk, if you do talk to him tough, tell him I say hi
  5. Lozanoj83


  6. Lozanoj83

    computer is being stupid

    Try repair disk, or repair utitlies from the OS X cd... maybe that will help
  7. Lozanoj83


    I know how you felt, I was like.. omg it cant be... and then the doritos truck and godzilla eating chips and im like.. how dare you make him eat chips.. make him eat the executives that made the commercial instead lol.. but who knows.. we may see a Godzilla 2.... :roll:
  8. Lozanoj83

    Blurry Photo

    Hey ppl, quick question does anyone know how to take out the blurriness of a photo out in fireworks 8 or in iPhoto? tnx Johnathan
  9. Lozanoj83


    You dont have X.4?
  10. Lozanoj83

    iWeb Question

    Hey ppl, Quick Question, Im trying to upload a PDF file into my RSS feed for my Podcast, but when I drag and drop in iWeb, it makes it as a image that is not in the actual feed... can anyone help here? Thanks John
  11. Lozanoj83


    Actually u can put Jaguar on it, member all OS X OS are intel native, so it will run, just no universal apps
  12. Lozanoj83


    Sorry about that.. i forgot the ~ next to lozanoj83.. one little thing can mess it up.. sucks..
  13. Lozanoj83


    Hey ppl... i did another essay... this one about privacy.. its supposed to be a persuasive one.. so tell me wut u guys think.. cheers John http://www.thacru.com/~lozanoj83/Other/pri...vacy/Final.html HTML.. http://www.thacru.com/~lozanoj83/Other/pri...ivacy/Final.pdf PDF
  14. Do you remember a while back, all tha phiasco of Google and the Privacy issue it started with the goverment.. can any of you be so kind to provide some links and help me here.. im doing a persuasive essay and Im doing it on guess what.. the google topic.. so i need all the help I can get. Many thanks Johnathan
  15. Lozanoj83

    Media preferences

    Movie- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Song- Chop Suey! - System Of A Down Game- Halo