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    Well yes PC's suck but MacBook Pro + Black 60 GB = The Best, believe me!
  2. cdbob

    U2 iPod back

    It does look good but I still think Black ones like mine look better
  3. Well the first is converting my movies to 16:9 with Videra with my torrented movies (all of which I own but torrented the avis because I thought it would be a lot easier to put on) it makes them into 4:3 streched 16:9 movies which look horrible I can't get them to work in a 16:9 this diden't occour with my other movies. The Second is space I find the 60 GB way too small I have 65 Gigs of Music and 45 Gigs of music making 110 gigs of content. Now that is almost double my iPod so I have had to make a lot of compromises. How hard is it to put a 120+ GB harddrive into a 5G (video) iPod.
  4. I'm saving up for an iPod 5G but is there going to be a newer model coming out soon?
  5. cdbob

    So... where do you listen to MacCast?

    By my computer (yes sadly my parents own a PC) becasue my iPod broke so until I save for a new a have to listen at the computer
  6. I have about 44GB of Music on iTune and I'm still putting my collection on plus I have videos to put on so does anyone know whether there will be a larger iPod coming out any time soon.
  7. cdbob

    iPod Video Converter

    thanks I was looking for something to convert my movies