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  1. Hi guys, my applecare ran out so you're my only hope! I have a 12" powerbook G4, last week i started getting screen inteference, i get big blocky lines all across and I cant properly run my web browser cos i cant see the screen for lines, full screen video works fine though (which suggests this is a software issue) I've embedded 2 pics of this issue. on this one its only affected the menu bar, thats where the issue normally starts and then spreads this is what happens to firefox its driving me insane, does anyone have any suggestions at all?
  2. Joe

    Battery/Power Query

    good stuff, thanks for all the help people, the question now is am i getting the mbpro, mb and mini or am i waiting to see whats available in april 07!
  3. Joe

    Battery/Power Query

    cheers matt, i think my powerbook has a US keyboard layout too so thats not so much of a problem, i think i should be ok using a travel adaptor
  4. Joe

    Battery/Power Query

    Hi guys, hope someone can solve this on for me, I'm from the UK, I'm getting married in Vegas in April 07 and we've just come into some money, that means a trip to the vegas apple store is on the cards, we're gonna get a Macbook Pro for me, a new macbook for the missus and a mac mini for the lounge, my only concern is, will the Macs work ok if I use british power supplies once we're home? i use my charger for my powerbook no problem everytime i'm abroad by using a cheap travel adaptor but i dont know how a US mac mini would be over on this side of the pond, dont want the house to blow up or a new mac to die 10 seconds after using it at home!
  5. Joe

    Apple Stickers

    I love the stickers you get with new apple products, I plaster all of my guitar equipment boxes with them and the lads in my band are sick of finding the logo stuck in the cargo hold on the inside of our tour van! so my question is, what do you guys do with yours?
  6. Joe

    Is this weird?

    whew! i feel better now, i thought my mac obsession had gotten way out of hand! Cheers Guys!
  7. Joe

    Is this weird?

    yesterday I bought my fiancee a brand new 4gb Nano as a surprise, she was really happy naturally and she loves it. Now heres the weird part. whilst I was looking through the box i noticed a familiar smell, it was the same smell I got when unpacking my 4thG iPod and my powerbook for the first time as well as my friends iMac and macbook pro, it was the smell of Apple products! now, its probably just the packaging apple use but never the less, to me, thats what new apple products smell like and it brings back the happy feeling I got when I switched last year! feel free to call me a weirdo cos when i mentioned this to my lady, i got a funny look from her!
  8. Joe


    Good morning folks, just thought I'd bring up the subject of the mac mozilla browser, at first i liked it, it runs like Firefox, its faster than FF and Safari and its very slick BUT, i keep having problems with usernames and passwords, it only seems to be able to store 1 set of usernames and pw's per site and also, i've had the case where its remembered my log ons so all i have to do is click log in, and i get an error message saying incorrect password! I've even been locked out of my gmail, its really frustrating, has anyone else encountered this?
  9. Joe

    itunes automaticaly launches

    i had the very same problem and it drove me mental but after installing the lates tiger update, the problem stopped.
  10. Joe

    I'm switching back to windows

    Ladies and gents, totally through fluke, I got a higher paid job and a couple of things worked out and I got to keep my Mac, i was holding off selling it cos i couldnt bring myself to do it but i am proud to say I am still a mac user!!!!!!!!!! thankyou all for the responses to my original post, im excited to still be a mac user in this new phase of Apple's legacy! not long until I get to play with the macbook pro either, a friend of mine runs an advertising agency and has one on pre order!
  11. Joe

    I'm switching back to windows

    yeah, I know but I have a mortgage, bills and Xmas to pay for first, I even looked into the "get a free Mac Mini" website but its not open to the UK. C'est la vie, in the meantime I've installed a vista skin that has a Dock rather than a start menu, its still bloody windows but it feels a little better, i've even copied the tiger wallpapers over for aesthetic therapy. This sucks and I cant wait till I am back in Mac Used the PB for 5 months, amount of crashes: 1 Been using my PC for 4 days, amount of crashes: 7 :cry:
  12. Joe

    I'm switching back to windows

    Yeah, redundant does mean getting laid off and I'm forced to switch back because I have an xp machine in my spare room thats not been used since I got my PB, thanks for the kind words from everyone and once I get back on track later next year, I'll scour ebay for deals.
  13. not by choice though, I've been the proud owner of a powerbook G4 since july but as xmas approaches and I've recently been made redundant, i'm having to sell it and I'm gutted, I was proud to be a member of the mac owners army and I'll continue to listen to adam and the mac cast but it'll be a while before I can afford to become a mac user once more. Anyway, gotta go, I'm transferring my itunes & iphoto libraries to my old PC