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  1. Hi, i have an USB i want to give my wife. it was my work key (a lot of using from to Windows) so i want to empty it there a directory that i cannot trash. it asks me admin pwd to move to trash and doesn't do anything. any ideas? thanks Andrea
  2. Hi i have an EPSON D92 that connect via USB and prints fine with my macbook (10.5.5). I also have an airport express that works fine for internet and music. i've connected the printer to the USB port on airport selected a new printer, the mac found the printer connected to airport and defined it in the list. then i tried to print one page. the printer appears in the dock but no doc appears in the print list and nothing happens..... everything seems ok has anyone a suggestion? thanks Andrea
  3. Hi after 9 months of faithful service my ipod (classic 160Gb) is now showing problems. The story so far my itunes library is now about 50Gb 3 or 4 days ago i got an error while updating the ipod with itunes that had 4 or 5 new CDs. Giving ok to that error itunes ejected and reloaded the Ipod and on reconnecting gave another non recognition error and asked to reformat the ipod. As the Ipod was in windows format and i always thought about going to a mac format seized that opportunity and did it. Then i set to synchronize all and went to bed. In the morning an error of device not accessible was on the screen of the macbook! The ipod was not there and when disconnected reconnected was not recognizeable. reformatted ok now i tryed a slow approach and after some trial i arrived to this at about 20Gb transfer slows down on itunes to veeeeeery slow (1 song per 2-3 minutes) and on the ipod the sync wheel normally rotating does not rotates any more. if i interrupt the syncro (reaction on itunes takes 4-5 minutes) and then restart it seems that a number of songs declared ported on itunes in reality are not. if i leave it there itunes after some time loses the ipod and ask for a reformat at next connection. I had an external disk with the itunes library and even tried to bring it back to the macbook to try the "remove all other usb" trial suggested on the apple site. The ipod with about 20gb of stuff in it works fine, but i cannot sync over that size. Now the questions. Am i right in thinking is an Ipod problem an not itunes? do i need to bring it to the apple assistance (no stores in italy so no geniuses and no direct support...everything is more difficult) or there's something else i could try? Thanks Andrea
  4. ....glitches in permissions to reply.... thanks for the welcome! Yes i'm very polite (or just too lazy to lurk around and understand it by myself). Andrea
  5. my comment below Hi Not sure if this is your case but i had a similar problem. wanting to keep just the unplayed i always had 5 or 6 played too in the list of each podcast. Then yesterday i realized that the standard smart playlists "recently played" and "recently added" showed the podcasts. I added to those smart playlist " and podcast is false" and now seems to work fine again! Give a look to these and give it a try. Hope it helps Andrea p.s. what is the netiquette on the macccast forum? topposting or bottom posting when answering?