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  1. Tyson

    Problems installing Macromedia Flash 8!

    I got the problem fixed when I called AppleCare. Apparently emptying out all the caches fixed the problem. Thanks for all the help though
  2. Tyson

    Problems installing Macromedia Flash 8!

    I'm running Tiger 10.4.2. I've tried this with every possible configuration of programs running or not. I also tried to install the previous version of flash and now I'm having the same problem. I've also tried to install other macromedia products all of with give me this same dialog.
  3. I recently downloaded the new Macromedia Flash 8 but upon clicking the installer I get a dialog stating "The software to be installed requires Administrator or higher level access". The account I'm trying to install this with is an administrator account. I have one other backup account on my mac which is as well of administrator status. I've tried installing from both accounts with no luck. I've done the usual repair permissions and restart. I've tried redownloading the installer all with no luck. I've tried installing this on my PowerBook as well where I was able to install it but on my PowerMac G5 I've had no luck. I don't know what else to try so if anyone may have any suggestions for me I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks.
  4. Tyson

    Mighty Mouse buttons

    Some one awesomer the guy's question already. I believe he asked about programming the buttons not what everyone thought of the Mighty Mouse. Ok I got an answer for you. The issue with the the Mighty Mouse that was a bummer to me was that the side buttons are only one button and so having backwards and forwards buttons fuction the way you'd probably like is not really possible. As far as programming your mouse to go backwards or forwards in the browser or do other keystrokes you can get a 3rd party mouse driver like USB Overdrive or Gamepad Controller or any others out there. I use Gamepad Controller and it seems to work quite well. I too at first wanted the side button to be programmed to do the keystroke cmd+left arrow (back in the browser) but I found pretty quickly the button can be really touchy and clicking it once if not carful could take you back like 6-8 pages at a time. That got really annoying after a while so I just went with expose instead. But if you got the hand for it and can be careful enough with the button to where it isn't annoying and fuctions how you like it is quite easy to accomplish this fuction without using AppleScript. Hope this helps.
  5. Hey Adam just wanna make a little correction on your report on the mighty mouse. There actually (and unfortunately) are only 4 buttons, not 5 buttons. The squeeze button on the sides only will do one function. I was kind of bummed that this so since I would would have liked to have two buttons on the sided for backwards and forwards buttons for browsing. Sorry to disapoing anyone (I was too). None the less, this is one sexy mouse. I'm ordering mine now.
  6. Tyson


    I have used Dreamweaver in the past but I have found a great plugin for Safari that is great for editing CSS if thats how you build your page layout. if you go to PimpMySafari.com there is every plugin for Safari you can think of. The WebDev plugin allows you to view the div and span outlines like you would see in Dreamweaver. Then you can use any external editor and refresh the browser to get your results. I know it may sound like a lot of work, but the with lag of DW I've found on my G5 it still should still surpass the sluggishness of DW or GoLive. Firefox has another great Develeopers plugin that has all the tools to edit and tweek with your css. But I was disappointed to find tat I couldn't get it to work with pages that you work on offline that used CSS for layout. I could n't view and of the CSS driven images so it was pretty worthless for my needs. There's my two cents. Try those if you like.