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  1. Hi, Wonder if someone can help. I have a iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), that's been running fine up till about a year ago. Now sometimes when you take it out of sleep, one of the following will happen: - Screen will come on, then just go blank. or - Screen will come on, screen freezes but the cursor will still move around, but nothing will be selectable. With both you can hear the hard drive and fans still spinning. The only way to bring it back is to completely power it off, and on. But sometimes after doing this, after signing in again, it my freeze or blank out again. When the iMac is on, its normally ok, but if after bringing out of sleep you try and open things, it can then go blank or freeze as above. But when Its been on for 5 minutes its fine and runs fine for hours or even days if you leave it on. It doesn't always happen, many times when you turn it on, its fine, just getting more and more... I have upgraded to latest OS and recently upgraded the 250gb internal hard drive to 1TB drive, I cleaned the fans out while doing this, but again issues remain. Can anyone suggest what could be causing this? I would be fixing it myself, as its out of warranty and more than capable of doing a full strip down. Thanks ShaiboyUK
  2. Hi all, Currently waiting outside my local Vodafone uk store, and I'm first in line which I'm surprised about :s Would have went to apple store here in uk but no change I think getting one directly from apple after all the preorders. So who all else is waiting? Paul
  3. shaiboyuk

    minimize option disappear?

    Not the "Professor" then! Cheers anyway Shaiboy_UK
  4. shaiboyuk

    minimize option disappear?

    The hard drive was replace, so no old install data was left. Cheers Shaiboy_Uk
  5. shaiboyuk

    minimize option disappear?

    As i've already said, it was like this on the old install, and has since be reinstalled! So making another account isn't going to fix it! Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  6. shaiboyuk

    minimize option disappear?

    Hi, I only have one user setup. Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  7. shaiboyuk

    minimize option disappear?

    anyone help? Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  8. shaiboyuk

    minimize option disappear?

    Hi All, Got a problem that i've had for a wee while, now its time to find a fix :wink: Had this problem with my old install of Mac OS Tiger 10.4.5 and getting it again in this new install. Sometimes the minimize option at the top left of windows (yellow dot) will disappear. See: i dunno why. I try going into the Window menu and select Minmize, but this doesn't work either. This happens in Sadari, Entourage and other apps. I'll use the hot corners to get to another app, then a wee while later the minimize option will come back. anyone have any idea why? and how to fix it? Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  9. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Whats the best way to Repair Permissions (properly)? and zap the PRAM? Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  10. Hi all, Hope someone can help, finally got my ibook back after being in for repair. Before it went away, I backed it up using Carbon Clone to a dmg file, when I got it back, I ran the tiger CD then went into Disk Utility and restored it from this dmg. All seemed well, but something was missing! At the top right corner, my clock, battery and wireless notifications on the top bar are gone! I tried going into Preferences and turning on the clock, but it doesn't save it, just turns the tick off again, same for wireless and battery icon! Anyone any ideas? have I done something wrong? anyway of fixing it? Thanks in advance. Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  11. shaiboyuk

    Powerbook without Airport card???

    Hi, Sorry to only just reply. Yes found the port and no card in it so had no wireless for a while, but thankfully got my ibook back Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  12. Hi, I've just got a loan of a PowerBook G4 1.33 17" while my wee 12" iBook G4 1.2 is back in for repair. I thought it was a good deal, till I got it home and tried to connect it up to my wireless network! It has a option for Airport, but says no hardware is found! Do Powerbooks like this one not come with Airport as standard? Where would it be located if it was installed? I've got wireless cards for my PC Laptop, can I use them in the Powerbook? How can i set it up? Thanks for any help. Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  13. Hi, Its on "Installing Other iWeb Page Templates" 90% Completed. doing the full install of iLife '06, says 4 mins left, so thats been about a hour! Cheers Shaiboy_UK Argh! It finished and said there was errors with the installation, and to run the install again! No error messages though, or reason why! Argh, so starting it again! Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  14. Hi, Its on "Installing Other iWeb Page Templates" 90% Completed. doing the full install of iLife '06, says 4 mins left, so thats been about a hour! Cheers Shaiboy_UK
  15. Hi, I'm installing iLife '06 on my iBook G4 1.2 with 256 RAM, but its taking sooooo long to installed, about a hour! Is this normal? Cheers Shaiboy_UK