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    A new PowerBook!!!

    I am buying it now to avoid the intels. yeah i read in a lot of your other posts that you really dont like the intels. personally i dont see what the problem is, they have more PPW than comparable AMD processors... Dinger
  2. Dinger

    Laptop Bags

    I have a targus rucksack http://www.targus.com/uk/product_details.a....asp?sku=TSB212 i need it for all the books and stuff for uni Dinger
  3. Dinger

    A new PowerBook!!!

    looks like you got a good price for it. Im waiting til macworld and hoping for a new intel 15' powerbook. the money has sat in my savings account since june when SJ announced the intel switch @ WWDC Dinger
  4. Dinger

    Mac mini: should I wait?

    Steve Jobs has been confirmed for a keynote speech on Jan 10th @ 0900 PST (1700 GMT for us people in the UK) apple will probably stream it live @ http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/mwsf06/ (404 @ the moment but they used /mwsf05 last year) OP, WAIT UNTIL THE 10th! you wont regret it. Im waiting til then and have my fingers crossed for a 15' intel powerbook. Dinger
  5. Dinger

    Hymn and JHymn

    me too. Dinger
  6. Dinger

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    thanks milan, i get to use a mac at college a few hours a week (i dont own a mac yet, im waiting for the intel mac mini) so wasn't able to check the full list of shortcuts when it was posted on the first page Dinger
  7. Dinger

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    is there a keyboard shortcut that selects the full text in the URL bar of safari? thanks Dinger
  8. Dinger

    New 5th Gen iPod scratches easy too

    details of the new iskin for 5th Gen iPods are now online Dinger
  9. Im waiting for the lauch of the intel mac mini before i switch from windows. rumours are saying that steve will surprise everyone @ macworld in january and announce the first intel powered mac (mac mini is most likely) Dinger