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  1. Hi All


    I took out a 1 year membership 11 months ago when Adam was kind enough to offer a 20% discount


    I've not caught up with the latest show yet, is Adam offering a discount again?


    Don't get me wrong, Adam does a great job with the show, but with money being tight any discount is appreciated, and I'm sure it helped pull in extra members last year.

  2. Hi.


    I cant seem to find the Maccast feed in itunes, all i can find is the enhanced maccast and the maccast loop.


    can someone provide a link to the subscribe in itunes (the itunes link on the homepage is for the enhanced version, i just want the standard version)


    or have i missed something and has Adam stopped publishing the standard version?


    I appreciate your help and advice.


    Dinger :)

  3. I'm not sure if you've tried this yet. In iTunes, go to Preferences > Podcasts > Keep and select "All unplayed episodes".

    It would be nice to find a plugin or script that would delete the removed podcasts from the HD.


    yes, that is what i have itunes set to at the moment and it is not removing them automatically. ipod is set to update all episodes of all podcasts, tried changing this to unplayed episodes but no difference.


    Dinger :)

  4. Hi all, back in itunes 6 (IIRC) you were able to set up ipod and itunes to automatically remove a podcast once it had been played, itunes 7 seemed to break this feature and I'm wondering if anyone else knows of a solution. if i remember correctly you set itunes to sync all podcasts and set the ipod to remove them (updating them) once played. as i said it was a fair while ago now so i may have got that totally wrong but i have played about with most of the combinations of ipod and itunes podcast settings and cant seem to figure this one out.


    (I realise that the podcast is only removed from the itunes library and the file is not actually removed from the HDD, I had to do that myself from time to time and realise that you could probably set up an apple script to do that automatically, but i have not really used apple script that much)


    FYI I am using a 15inch 2.33 C2D Macbook Pro running OS 10.4.9 and iTunes 7.1.1


    I (and my iPod) appreciate any advice you are able to offer.

  5. Im switching from windows to a macbook pro (as soon as it arrives) and on my windows system I have partitioned my hard drive in to several smaller drives - partly to keep things apart and partly so that when i need to re-install windows that all of my non OS files are safe.


    Do you think i should do the same with my MBP when it arrives? if so, how much space should i make for the OS X installation + programs/updates?

  6. Hi all, I will be switching shortly and forsee a problem with transferring my email across.

    I use a windows program called the bat (made by ritlabs) and am trying to find out what types of email files mail allows you to import.


    I can export as .msg files or .eml files or "unix mailbox" (not sure of the extention)


    any thoughts?


    Dinger :)

  7. its finally happened. The rev B MBP.

    I placed my order earlier this afternoon and once i fill out the forms for finance (im a poor student lol) I will be getting my first ever mac. I am stupidly excited. I have waited patiently for a long time. I went for the 15" 2.33Ghz base model (2GB Ram, 120GB 5400rpm HDD, Standard display) added Iwork, MS office, .mac and applecare. Sorted the finance over the phone (36mths @ £59PM) it should ship in approx 10-14 days time :)

  8. I read somewhere (cant remember if it was online or offline in a mag) about some software that works with the bluetooth on your mac and your mobile (cell) Phone to act as a proximity detector so that when you are away from the mac the screen is locked.


    I ment to bookmark it for when i buy my mac, but lost the bookmarks when a file corrupted (F%&@!*G windows!)


    It worked with a wide range of phones (nokia, motorola ect) I have tried googling and searching the sites I check out regularly but have not had any luck finding it, all i can seem to find is a sony ericsson thing.


    anyone able to help me out??


    Dinger :)

  9. Have you listened to the Apple Quarterly Earnings Call?


    At the 31st Minute Tim Cook says:" We are continuing to make the best products on the face of the earth. That is the reason why we are here."


    It really sounds like a religion " This is the reason why we are here" like 'We were born to work for Apple'  


    This is really bold, and funny, I mean I love Apple and they certainly have very good products but can they really claim to be the best? There is always someone better than you are.

    Really cool though


    I laughed when I heard that too.


    Dinger :)

  10. im having second thoiughts about my decision to buy a macbook pro.


    I cancelled my order because i wanted to add some stuff to it but because apple authorise payment at the time the order is placed i dont have any room on my credit card to re order until that authorisation is cancelled.


    It would be my first mac, im currently running windows.


    im wondering if my situation is a blessing in disguise, a lot of people that know much more about macs than i do (some well known and respected podcasters amongst others) are saying NOT to buy now and to wait for revision b in 6 months time...


    my biggest concern is the fact that already PC makers like asus have just announced 2ghz dual core processors with 8x dual layer DVD drives which will be shipping shortly so im thinking that the macbook pro isnt such a good idea because there will be faster/better laptops out there at the same kind of time as the macbook pro is launched.



    in 6 months time the new macbook pros could be shipping with faster processors, 8x dual layer DVD Drives and mac OSX 10.5..


    im split 50/50 on this one.


    what are your thoughts?


    Dinger :)

  11. Congratulations Dinger! Can't wait to hear your thoughts when you get it.


    congrats on 1000 posts matt.


    I have been using the macs at college for the last few months (they are still running panther though) so its going to be a smooth transition i think.


    im still concerned about transferring my email over though, what are the options in mail for importing files? (which file types are supported?)


    Dinger :)

  12. another update.


    well now the intel macs are here I ordered a 1.83Ghz macbook Pro on the internet earlier today (decided i would get it faster than retail stores and 12 hours on a coach :shock: ), I also got education discount and was eligible for the MS Office rebate promo that is running til jan 31st so i went for that too.


    total price, a whopping £1621.23 including education discount & VAT (sales tax)


    that works out at $ 2,854.50 at today's exchange rate.


    next on my "to buy" list is .mac, iWork'06 & applecare.


    Im now a mac geek in training :D


    Dinger :)

  13. Adam,


      I noticed in your last show you announced the wrong year at the beginning of the podcast, "Maccast January 5th 2005."  Not to be picky but I just wanted to let you know for the next show.  Love the show, it's my favorite podcast!!!





    I noticed this too, I thought i had gone back in time :D


    Dinger :)

  14. update:


    I Sold my Windows Laptop to my brother over christmas and am back on a desktop machine. (Its driving me nuts! windows keeps giving me grief, I think it knows im moving to a mac :D )


    I'm pretty much ready to go, my biggest worry at the moment is my email, I use a pretty much unknown email program called the bat! and AFAICS they don't do a mac version, so im going to have to figure out how to export all of my email (I know how to export the emails, just not which type of file the Mac mail client uses, any help?)


    Apart from that I think im going to be ok, there is a program similar in functionality to trillian which i currently use (although the name escapes me at the moment lol.)


    I have changed my mind.. since selling my laptop im hating being tied down to a desk again, after 3 years of having the laptop its come as a bit of a shock to me lol.


    So for that reason I have decided to switch my buying plans from a mac mini to a Powerbook. (I have all my fingers and toes crossed that come tuesday Steve Jobs will announce shiney new intel Powerbooks, NOT new ibooks, the rumour sites seem to be undecided on which it will be.)


    I have also decided that it looks like im going to have to buy MS Office, mainly for peace of mind because I will need to be able to save files into the MS formats as part of my Uni Course.


    I have a few more questions, apart from the mail problem above.


    Im thinking of taking a trip to the Regent Street store when I buy my Powerbook, (its 400 miles away and 6 Hours by coach!) partly because I want to go to the store and partly because i can get my hands on one before I buy it and can mess about with it and also because I can ask the geniuses (is that a word?!?) any late questions I think of.


    Im a Student, do the retail stores give the student discount (specifically does the Regent Street store?)


    Do the retail stores offer the same optional upgrades that the online store does? (for example if I wanted an extra 512mb RAM, will they be able to fit it there and then or stock it so i can fit it seperatly?)


    are the retail prices the same as the online ones? (im assuming they are.)


    Thanks, and roll on Tuesday!!


    Dinger :)

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  15. looks like you got a good price for it.


    Im waiting til macworld and hoping for a new intel 15' powerbook.

    the money has sat in my savings account since june when SJ announced the intel switch @ WWDC


    Dinger :)

    I am buying it now to avoid the intels.


    yeah i read in a lot of your other posts that you really dont like the intels.


    personally i dont see what the problem is, they have more PPW than comparable AMD processors...


    Dinger :)